Exclusive Buckscoop Discount plus Free Shipping on Bosky's Eco-friendly Sunnglasses & Snow Goggles

Buckscoop is happy to announce yet another exclusive offer given to us by an up and coming, trend setting brand known as Bosky. It's always our aim to seek out unique offers for our fellow bargain hunters, but we feel especially good about this one. Not only is this a company with great taste in design, but also one with a Mother Nature centric business model.


Across their range of dynamic, funky looking snow goggles and sunglasses lies a contemporary undertone linked to each of their products. Be it sustainable wood, hemp or bio-plastics, these guys are making a stir in the industry. But don’t just take it from us, as a number of international celebrity athletes can already be seen donning their gear representing the ‘looking good, living green’ mantra.


Admittedly, there's a certain feel good factor associated with bringing Bosky's offer to your attention, as it's probably not often enough that we promote green products here on Buckscoop.

Bosky Wooden Frame Sunglasses with Artist DesignsThese are a few cool aspects of their sunglasses/snow goggles designs worth knowing about:

       Frames made from cuts of FSC certified hardwoods

      Carl Zeiss polarised lenses for less glare

       Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses

       Spring loaded aluminium hinges

       Every pair floats in water


Bosky Taos Snow Googles with Blue Cobalt Lens and Standard FrameVikk, one of our resident deal hunters, took a real interest in the company and found a great deal on a pair of wooden sunnies made from sustainable wood. They're priced from $120 - $140 but you can knock a chunk off that cost with the exclusive 15% off Buckscoop discount which also gets you free shipping too. What you end up with is a unique, quality made pair of sunglasses from just $102 - $119 inclusive of delivery which is definitely good value.

The innovative U.S. label and its selection of eco-friendly goggles and sunglasses are very competitively priced compared to similar wooden brands (e.g. Shwood Eyewear and Woodzee).


Going back to the list of celebrities getting on the Bosky Bandwagon, it includes:

Bosky Athlete Francesco Salamone in Snow Goggles

       Mattia Zambroni – Steep Skier

       Elena Koenz – Olympic Snowboarder

       Francesco Salamone – Big-Mountain Skier

       Hugues Rousseau – Backcountry Skier

       Clarissa David – Surfer & Skier

       Ilaria Sonatore – Freeskier & Ski Instructor

       Chuck Braun – Snowboarder

       Paola Ranghino – Skier and Telemarker

       Ludwig Buckley – Freestyle Skier

       Marco Milani – Kite Skier


Bosky Bluebird Snow Goggles with Gold Chrome Lens and Standard FrameBosky is the new, innovative kid on the block that's currently making big waves in the sunnies and goggles industry with its sustainably produced products. To add to the styling and design, Bosky also works with 13 artists from across the globe to create a uniqueness missing from the marketplace, by allowing them to etch their artwork into the frames. This has provided an new platform to help promote these artists' talents to international audiences. They also have certain limited edition models available such as Vallely and UEDA.

If you want to know who the artists are or if you would like styling from a particular countries influence, here's a list for you to reference:

       Bosky Artist Andrew Garcia from USAMatteo Zilla - Italy

       Tim Marsh – France

       Farah Allegue – Canada

       Daniel Tin Chong – South Africa

       Junichi Tsuneoka – USA

       Raxenne Maniquiz – Philippines

       Sawdust – UK

       Alex Mavrogiannis – Greece

       Andrew Garcia – USA

       Rentz – Brazil

       Jorge De La Paz – Chile

       Philippe Intraligi – USA

       Hannah McCarty – USA


Bosky Wooden Frame Sunglasses made from FSC certified HardwoodBosky's idea around including artists in their design process appears to have been funded (at least partly) by a Kickstarter campaign. Looks like it was a success as they managed to raise over 25% more than the original quota. We hope that their continued pursuit for innovation will help them secure a committed following within their industry niche and look forward to monitoring their progress over the coming year.

If you want to view more of their products, buy something for yourself or see what they're currently up to then click here.



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