Everything You Need to Know about the Latest iPhone 6S

Its that time of year again when Apple drive their fans crazy with the launch of their latest edition to the iPhone family. That’s right, the iPhone 6S has been announced and will be available for us to purchase on the 25th of September. The iPhone 6S is how Apple intends to create a new wave of success this year even though the phone doesn’t look any different to its predecessor. Apple tells us though that it’s not all about the looks, but more about what’s on the inside that counts.

What to look forward to with this latest model lies more within the tech under the hood of this device, which should give the 6S a performance boost over the standard 6 model. Expect an upgrade in processing power, a 3D touch screen as well as a superior camera. If you're an existing iPhone user, are these improvements enough to convince you to upgrade or do you need to see more from the company before you fork out more money or commitment to another contract?



The official release date for the phone is September 25th in a range of countries including Australia, UK and the USA. The iPhone 6S starts at a relatively high AU$1,079, which is the same price as last years 6 launch price - and that's just for the basic 16GB model. What baffles me is how a company like Apple with such a huge following can still condone a measly 16GB as a base model. It’s almost an insult to its customers who pay so much for a premium phone who constantly have to battle between the storage requirements of apps, photos and videos. Even Samsung now launches its base model with a minimum of 32GB. In my opinion this is a prime example of Apple using one of the top tricks which retailers employ to get us to spend more money, called the ‘middling effect’ (which I touched on in a recent post).

iPhone 6S now comes in Pink or Rose Gold as Apple Call itIf, like most of us in the data age, you believe that 16GB isn't enough then your next best option is the 64GB model carrying the hefty price tag of $1,229. The largest model available is 128GB and costs $1,379.

To put this into perspective almost 99% of all android phones that launched this year had a minimum of a 32GB of storage available.

What you also need to consider with the 16GB iPhone 6S model, is the size of the OS which consumes 6GB to 8GB of the total capacity. This doesn't leave you with much personal space, a pretty weak show from one of the wealthiest companies in the world.

Addressing the build quality and sturdiness of the 6S, Phil Schiller (an Apple executive) said that the company has tackled the “Bendgate” fiasco that occurred with last years model by using less pliable 7000-series aluminium. He stated “it’s the same alloys used in the aerospace industry.” In addition, the glass which Apple has used on the 6S is apparently “the strongest in the industry, made with a dual ion exchange process.”


Colour and Dimensions

The ladies will be happy to hear that with the 6S comes in a new colour, Apple call it “Rose Gold”, which looks similar to the rose gold colour of the Apple watch although even pinker. If you only fancy getting the gold version then be warned that Apple have discontinued this colour in all models besides the new 6S release. However, besides these two minor changes, the iPhone looks identical to its predecessor, the only slight difference you will notice is that it's 0.2mm thicker, 0.1mm wider and 0.2mm taller.


3D Touch

The next generation of multi-touch has now arrived and Apple’s executive Craig Federighi was the first to show us how it works. If you own the latest Apple Macbook Pro then it’s very similar to the inbuilt ‘Force Touch’ technology. To put it into layman’s terms it’s basically like using a computer mouse to right click on the iPhone.

The new technology is also going to open up a new window for app developers who will be able to take advantage of the new multi-touch technology within their games for example.

iPhone 6S has 3D Touch Technology to potentially improve gaming


The 6S Camera

An upgrade is well overdue so I’m sure many Apple fans will rejoice in hearing that the camera in the 6S offers 12-megapixels. Apple believe this new upgrade will give them a better chance of competing with the market leading camera found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It can film in 4K with 8 million pixels captured within the rear camera. Other good news is that the front facing camera is now 5MP, which will help all those selfie lovers out there capture more dynamic pictures.

iPhone 6S upgrade

I personally own a Samsung device, so when I heard Apple announce that they had invented an ‘entirely new technology’ which takes a short burst of pictures to create a moving image, I did catch myself laughing out loud. Just to point out, Samsung first launched this technology 2 years ago within their S4 model so it's nothing new.


Performance Increase

Apple has inserted their latest A9 processor and M9 motion compressor into the 6S. Apple claims that this makes the device 70% faster than the previous iPhone. Along with the increased processing power, Apple has also decided to bump up the phone's RAM to 2GB. I can almost hear a sigh of relief from all those iPhone customers who've been dealing with only 1GB since the 5 model. Apple generally only release small amounts of information on the tech specs, probably because it will make the iPhone look inadequate next to the majority of Android devices on the market.

iPhone 6S increases tech specs for faster performance


Battery Life

This latest iPhone 6S surprisingly has a smaller battery compared to the previous model at only 1,715mAh compared to last year’s 1,810mAh. What does this mean for battery life? Well apparently the new phone will have the same 14 hours of talk time and 11 hours of continuous HD video playback as the previous iPhone 6. The new iOS9 software tweaks are the apparent reason battery life has been extended.


Is it all worth it?

If you need a better camera for your day-to-day or can't stand another pixelated selfie, then the cameras on this model will definitely improve the quality. The improved specs also mean you can capture 4K videos, potentially a great option for someone who does a lot of video'ing with their current iPhone.

Additionally the processing speed increase seems to promise a decent improvement in performance, but we wont know for certain until the device actually hits the stores on the 25th of September. As I mentioned before, Apple like to keep their tech specs under close wraps until launch day.

Yet, the jury is still out on the whole 3D touch tech and unless app developers capture its potential it could prove rather gimmicky. This along with the stronger 7000-build quality aluminium is redundant especially if you’re not the type of person to try and bend your brand new iPhone in the first place.

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