Discount Store TK Maxx Plans to Launch in Australia next Month

If the wake of Amazon coming to Australian hasn’t scared department store managers enough, then the arrival of discount store TK Maxx should get their minds whirling. The traditional retail market is about to get an abrupt arrival from the global discount chain renowned for its bargain designer brand offerings.

TK Maxx plans to launch in April this year by opening 35 stores under a new business model that many Australians haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing in their home country before. We are looking forward to a more H&M, Top Shop and Zara style shopping experience that may save money in the hundreds.


Current Fashion Discount Deals

If the news of a new discounted designer brand has got you excited, here are a few bargains that you may be interested in until TK Maxx opens:

TK Maxx Clearance sales and bargains


What to Expect

TK Maxx is probably the king of discount because of the way it negotiates deals with its suppliers. If a department store cancels an order or if a manufacturer makes too much product for example, then TK Maxx’s buyers will go and negotiate great deals to buy that stock. This money saving activity enables the brand to pass the savings onto its customers.

TK Maxx is known for having new styles entering its stores every week to create that scarcity feeling that encourages customers to buy in the moment. Creating a different shopping experience starts with how the brand purchases its products, other traditional Australian stores usually buy seasonally. This is something TK Maxx doesn’t do instead it buys constantly through out the year and no two stores stock exactly the same products, creating a unique experience everywhere.

The types of clothes you can expect will likely rival those from Target, Big W, Kmart and Myer, but with a fast changing focus on trends. The store has promised a huge range of women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion, such as footwear, accessories, lingerie, beauty and home wares from both local and international brands. All of these items will likely come under a variety of price points that will appeal to a range of customers.

If you have ever shopped at Trade Secret in your area then you can expect that store to turn into a TK Maxx shortly, because the American parent company TJX has bought them out and will be converting their stores.

TK Maxx discounted fashion store with big money saving products


Market Impact

Target is already losing sales to Kmart because consumer sentiment is changing towards bargain hunting. Clothing shoppers are abandoning mid-market items in favour of a mix of cheap everyday items and some quality investment pieces. These new forces within the market are causing Wesfarmers a dilemma as they struggle to find a strategy that will enable both Target and Kmart to run successfully side-by-side.

The launch of Amazon and TK Maxx mean that we are going to be having an exciting year ahead full of discounts, money saving deals and low prices both online and within retail. To keep on top of these money saving opportunities, visit our Buckscoop deals page every now and again you will be pleasantly surprised.

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