Amcal Unable to Defend Top Australian Pharmacy Ranking According to Canstar Report

Canstar Blue is a customer satisfaction research and ratings business that launched in 2010. Their main purpose is to help customers make better purchasing decisions based on independent research that they conduct. The company focuses on product and service excellence and aims to mouth the real voice of customers through quantitative research.

Buckscoop's alignment with this school of thought is what spurred me to write about the company which Canstar selected based on their reviews of pharmacies in Australia that customers were most satisfied with. Their research takes into account things like value for money, range of health products, pharmacist availability and advice provided. So hopefully the next time you decide to stop by a pharmacy, you'll at least be armed with the knowledge of which one in particular will be offering you the best service at the best price based for your particular needs.


To generate the report Canstar Blue surveyed 2,422 Australians who had to have made a purchase at a pharmacy within the past 6 months. Besides the factors mentioned above, the survey also looked at other contributing factors in choosing its top pharmacy including aspects such as the range of beauty products available, the health management programmes on offer as well as the overall level of service provided.

Canstar Blue LogoMegan Doyle, the head of Canstar Blue commented, “A lot of factors come into play when you visit your local pharmacy and if any of them are lacking, customers are going to be disappointed.” Canstar’s dedication to providing insight into the markets that they survey gives an objective and informational approach to a variety of retail outlets. Megan continued to say,

Striking the perfect balance between quality products, great service and advice, and pharmacist availability, is the challenge facing the big pharmacy chains.”

The results of the Canstar Blue survey across all contributing factors are clearly displayed in the table below:

Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction Results for Australian Pharmacies


The table and the general consensus with all consumers is that Blooms the Chemist won with the highest average across all parameters. Blooms are not one of the cheapest brands, but consumers said customer service is commonly more desirable than value for money when concerning their health.

Amcal won this same award for the ‘Most Satisfied Customer’ last year in 2014. They reached the highest five star rating in five categories against a host of other large pharmacies. It’s very interesting to see how they have dropped lower in status since their last Canstar award.


Amcal did however win the Readers Digest Quality Service award for 2015. The gold trophy was given to them in April 2015 and gathers the Australian public’s opinion about the brand to ascertain the winner. Comparing this award to the Canstar Blue survey, the results for Amcal appear to correlate well because they received 4-stars within its service category this year. I believe Amcal potentially took advice from Megan Doyle and focused their attention on service, basing this decision on her comment concerning service being what ultimately wins customers over rather than price.

Amcal AdviceKnowledge is power and sometimes that information is invaluable when you're in desperate need of medication and the appropriate advice to go along with it at your local branch. However, when buying online, the process can be a little more driven by price, especially if you already know which type of medication you require.

Amcal do often push out a variety of incentives, promotional codes and deals to help their customers receive more affordable products and most of them can be found on Buckscoop when they are available.

Right now for example, the company is offering a 15% discount to all members who sign up to the company’s newsletter. The code you are awarded is unique so be sure not to share it with anyone before you buy.

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