Some Quick and Affordable Meal Deals to Ease You into the New Year

Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations are a great excuse to stuff ourselves and with tons of delicious food. However, if you're not quite ready to give up on that festive food feeling just yet, I’ve put together a list of tasty yet affordable meal deals from supermarkets as we head into the new year for you to consider.

From now through to the 5th January 2016, Bi-Lo, BWS, Coles and Woolworths all have specials on a range of food products. Using these discounted prices, I'll show you a few options of how to continue eating tasty dishes but at prices that your (no doubt) deflated wallet will greatly appreciate. Listed below you will find fish dishes, kids food and party pack suggestions, along with some dessert meal deals.


My selection of meals below was based on those products at the various supermarkets offering the biggest discounts (in this case 50% off), after which I've tried to give advice on recipes or serving suggestions that are quick and easy to do. After all, I'm sure that most of you will be tired of the endless food preparations that the festive season demanded.


Recipe #1

Half Price Food Deal: $4.99 on salmon parcels (280g) at Woolworths

Salmon parcel half price meal deal at WoolworthsEasy Recipe Ideas:

The great thing about this food bargain is that a salmon parcel is delicious on its own. However, if you're looking to make a more substantial meal, it's easily done with this fish. Anything from boiled baby potatoes to sliced sweet potato chips or a simple herb butter with raw salad garnish all make great combinations. Salmon is light, so ideally any light accompaniments you have lying around the house will go well. The aim is to use up whatever you have left over around the house to fill out this cheap meal from Woolworths.


Recipe #2

Half Price Food Deal: $7.00 on ho mai yum cha entertainer pack (1kg) at Coles

Ho Mai Yum Chan entertainer pack for partiesServing Ideas:

  • Dinner parties
  • Takeaway alternative
  • Birthday party
  • Celebratory occasion

This offer from Coles gives you a versatile option to feed your family or guests for less. In it you'll find 20 x cocktail spring rolls, 20x vegetable moneybags and 16 x cocktail samosas. So whether you've still got some entertaining to do or perhaps your family are looking for a quiet night in without much fuss over cooking, then this pack offers a much cheaper alternative to expensive takeaway food.


Recipe #3

Half Price Food Deal: $4.00 on tassai salmon burgers (400g) at Coles

Easy Recipe Ideas:

  • Mini burgersHalf price meal deal on tassai salmon burgers at Coles supermarket
  • Burger and bun
  • Burger with salad

Another simple but tasty meal deal that you can buy from Coles is this discounted salmon burger. This half price deal means you can get your hands on a bunch of salmon burgers for just $4. Typically the burger can be served with sliced onion, tomato and lettuce leaves within a bun. Alternatively, before you cook the burgers in the oven, use a small circular cake cutter and cut the salmon burgers into mini versions of themselves. When in their miniature form, they serve well a a quirky party/birthday canapé.


Recipe #4

SFC discount meal deal from Coles supermarketHalf Price Food Deal: $7.50 on SFC boneless chicken bucket (650g) at Coles

This is the healthiest of options per se, but it is possibly the simplest meal deal here today. If you love boneless chicken, or food that doesn’t require much preparation, this is your ideal TV dinner with minimal fuss. Normally $16.50, this chicken bucket can be a great way to feed the family on a budget when you simply want an easy going night in after some heavy NYE festivities. Ideally, buy a few of these buckets at this price and then freeze them to use as cheap meal options in the future.


Dessert Food Deals

Half Price Dessert Deal: $2.82 on gourmet frozen fruit (300g) at Coles

Half Price Dessert Deal: $3.84 on bulla creamy classic ice cream (2L) at Coles

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