Coles Vegan Christmas Roast Available Now for Just $12

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Coles Vegan Christmas Roast Available Now for Just $12

If you're still wondering what on Earth you are going to offer the vegan guests at your Christmas lunch this year, don't fret. Coles has a vegan roast up for grabs that is not only a bargain at just $12 (usually $15), but it has the entire Aussie vegan camp jumping for joy.

More and more people are getting aboard the vegan bandwagon every year for various health and ethical reasons, and while we've never seen more vegan foods than in 2019, the vegan roast is a whole new thing for Coles supermarkets.

As the name suggests, the roasts is made entirely of plant products, and is seasoned with fragrant mixed herbs and served with a rosemary and tomato chutney. Yum!

Coles Vegan Roast Available Now for Just $15

Each roast will serve five people and weighs in at 800 grams.

Need more vegan options? Coles is also selling meat-free sausages for $9 and meat-free mince for $8.50 - both brilliant for whipping up tasty vegan canapés.

Coles has FREE Click & Collect for orders over $50.


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