Coles and 7-Eleven Battle for Convenience with the Cheapest Coffee

7-Eleven has been known recently to be selling one of the cheapest coffees that can be bought in Australia for $1. If you like your coffee in the morning to kick start your day then buying from the chain is certainly the cheapest way to do it, or so that was the case until Coles begun selling cheaper coffee at 0.80¢. Coles has launched its own revamped convenience store format in response.


This cheap coffee can be bought via Coles’ new convenience offering which you may know as the ‘Big Yum at Little Coles’. This cheap coffee can be bought currently at three Melbourne service stations in Kew, Windsor and South Yarra. Besides the cheap coffee, you can also pick up heavily reduced items such as bananas, wraps, handmade sandwiches, sushi, salads and other ready-made meals to help save money on those busy work days.


Coles Coffee costs 0.80¢

In a previous article, I discussed the alternative of using refillable coffees taken from home to reduce the amount of money you would spend on buying it out. Now however, with these new Coles Brand convenience stores you can get your hands on a variety of items such as coffee for as little as 0.80¢. The stores cheap coffee and other products will make people eating out on a budget much happier to buy from here as opposed to more expensive stores where coffee can cost as much as $7.

If you don’t have time for breakfast in the morning, it could suit your wallet to grab something on the run and from the Coles Brand convenience range you can choose from croissants, pick-and-mix nuts, frozen drinks, doughnuts and muffins. This trend doesn’t mean that Coles will suddenly start building small convenience stores around the country, because it sees them as costly and their products are generally priced higher to keep them open. However, it has begun to incorporate these cheaper items into its Coles Express business.

Coles now sees that there is an opportunity within the convenience market to grow its brand and take more market share from this sector. People have long been accustomed to paying a premium to avoid heading to the large supermarket, however Coles want to change that preconception by offering supermarket prices within its Express business, hence the birth of ‘Big Yum at Little Coles’.

Coles Big Yum Little Coles convenience store offeringsWoolworths recently announced that it would be closing four of its smaller Metro supermarkets, whilst Tesco made a similar statement saying that it plans to shut 30 smaller stores too. Wal-Mart has stayed away from the sector completely, but Coles may just have the right solution with its new take on convenience offerings.

Change has been seen at petrol stations too, looking back to the ‘70s and ‘80s, these stations partnered with car maintenance companies, but when cars became more reliable and dealerships took more of the maintenance market share we saw new partnerships form between fuel and convenience. Now we are witnessing new partnerships forming with fast food too, e.g. Subway and McDonald’s and other stores such as bakeries and fresh food.

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