Save the Date! Build-a-Bear "Pay Your Age Day" Returning Next Week

And the rules are a little bit different this year
Save the Date! Build-a-Bear "Pay Your Age Day" Returning Next Week

Build-a-Bear's world-famous "Pay Your Age Day" is coming back to Australia on 26th and 27th June, and it's your chance to scoop up a second furry friend for your child paying only their age!

Note the different rules to last year:

The "Pay Your Age Day" in November 2018 did not require the purchase of any bear in order to get a pay-your-age bear. The result was a frenzy of bear-loving customers and their kids!

This year, in order to get a pay-your-age bear, you will need to purchase a regular-priced item first.

It's not quite as sweet a deal as last year, but it's still very exciting to be able to get your hands on a bear for as low as $1.

What is "Pay Your Age Day"?

Is a fun-filled day of bear building that takes place at Build-a-Bear Workshops nationally.

The promotion invites VIB members (join for free) to purchase any regular-priced bear, and then pay only your child's age for the second. (Second bears need to be of equal or lesser value than the full purchase.)

Got a one-year-old? You'll pay $1 for the second bear.

Got an eight-year-old? You'll pay $8 for the second bear.

Got multiple kids? You get one pay-your-age bear with the purchase of a regular-priced bear, so if you have two kids, you'd need to buy two regular bears to receive a pay-your-age bear for both of them.

Build-a-Bear is not known for being a cheap place to visit, but it is most definitely one of the most popular kids' destinations when it comes to toys and special occasions, so while this deal is different to last year's, it's still a fab opportunity to treat your child.

When is Pay Your Age Day?

Pay Your Age Day will take place in Australia on 26th and 27th June 2019. The promotion runs all day (store hours) at all Build-a-Bear Workshops around Australia, including concession stores. Check your nearest store.

Do I Have to Be a Member to Take Part?

Yes. But it's both easy and FREE to join up. Just to the sign-up page to take action.

Which Bears Can I Choose From?

Your pay-your-age bear needs to be of equal or lesser value than the full purchase. It can be chosen from whatever furry friends are in stock at your store at the time, with the exception of the How To Train Your Dragon bears.

Bear in mind that stock may vary depending on your store and the popularity of the event.

What is the Maximum I'll Pay For a Bear?

Build-a-Bear Workshop wants everyone to score a great deal, so the maximum price anyone will pay for their pay-your-age bear is $18. For example, if your daughter or son is 20, you'll still only pay $18.

How Many Bears Can I Buy?

You can buy one pay-your-age bear per full purchase.

Can I Buy My Bears Online?

The pay-your-age offer is in-store only; guests need to be present to score their bargain bear.

Prepare Yourself!

When this event took place last year in the UK, US and Canada some months back, shopping centres were packed out, queues were a mile long, and some stores had to close because they couldn't cope with the crowds. Even in Australia, stores were packed!

Given that the rules are a little different this year, I thin it's safe to assume less crowds, but you certainly prepare some some queues and busy car parks.

We recommend these steps:

  • 1.Sign up to the VIB Program online before you go. You can do this in-store, but it's something worth getting out of the way ahead of time.
  • 2. Get to your store early! Most stores open at 9 a.m. on weekdays, be there well ahead of that time and try to beat the crowds.
  • 3. Leave the pram at home. Prams can be difficult in busy environments, especially stores. If you have Bub in tow, maybe use your baby carrier instead.

Further details can be found at Build-a-Bear Australia.


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