Budget Backyard Ideas to Improve Your Entertainment Space

Summer is right around the corner and you may be looking into your garden thinking about how to get better use of it either with the family or when entertaining. However, there is no need to go spending ridiculous amounts on overpriced false Masters’ closing down sale items because you can get the job done cheaper with the following money saving tips.

In some instances you may not need to buy new furniture or décor at all, but simply re-use items from indoors on those special evenings of entertainment. Additionally, if you’re planning outdoors entertainment, find out some of the most natural ways to deter mosquitoes and flies without layering each guest with repellent.


Citronella Plants

A video in my previous Labour Day article showed how burning sage at a campfire can repel mosquitoes, however burning at a dinner evening at isn’t the most attractive idea. This is where Citronella plants become incredibly useful, they naturally repel mosquitoes and bugs and in most cases can be more effective than candles. If you are a dog owner try to keep them out of reach, as they can be toxic to dogs.

Citronella Plants repel mosquitoes naturally


Professional Designer Tips

One part of DIY that eats a hole in your money pot is mistakes, so avoiding them at all costs is one great way of staying on budget. There are three key areas that people generally overspend on, so caution is advised on the following; lawn furniture, painting your porch and flowers.

Garden Furniture: If you plan on buying or replacing furniture make sure its durable and able to last for years, you can do this by ensuring you get something made from metal that has been coated with metal-bonding paint.

Porch Painting: Latex paint is a big waste of time because you will most likely have to re-paint often due to it not concealing scratches very well. The best value for money DIY tip would be to use enamel paint which can usually maintain its appearance for a couple of years.

Flowers: Unless you’re an avid gardener having flowers looking good in the garden can be a chore, so try to plant perennials, they bloom all year long, even in colder months.

Professional Designer Tips


Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care in Australian heat is an important thing to get right because most people will generally mow and water during the afternoon and as a result do more harm than good. Watering and mowing should be done in the morning and during summer months leave the grass a little longer to protect the roots from the sun and allow for more water to be absorbed.


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