Blume Dolls Grow Right Out of Their Pots! Get Them Here

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Blume Dolls Grow Right Out of Their Pots! Get Them Here

Blume Dolls have just hit the toy scene, and they've already been pegged to become the hottest collectable dolls of 2019 - even giving L.O.L Surprise dolls and Hatchimals a run for their money!

These were first previewed earlier this year at Toy Fair 2019, and have finally made their way to our part of the world. You can buy them right now at Target for $19 each.

Keep in mind that these are blind buys, so you won't know who you're going to get until it blooms!

What Are Blume Dolls?

Blume Dolls are "surprise" dolls with BIG difference, because these ones GROW right out of their flowerpots!

Each doll comes packaged in her very own pot, and includes a squishy watering can. The idea is to fill the watering can with water, sprinkle some water on the "seeds" at the top of the flowerpot, and watch the doll grow right out of the "soil"!

Once the doll has fully bloomed, the flowerpot can be opened up to reveal 10 hidden surprises, and these include things like outfits, accessories, mini friends and stickers.

The brilliant thing about these dolls is that each and every one has its own unique hair, but accessories can all be mixed and matched.

There are 22 dolls to collect in the first series - and it's really hard to pick a fave from so much cuteness!

Here's Where to Buy Blume Dolls in Australia

Series one is comprised of four doll themes:

  • Super Rare - Skye, Gemma, Cleo and Kit
  • Rare - Lola, Poppy, Sierra, Cora, Roxy, Reese and Valerie
  • Mystical - Leilani
  • Adorable - Sedona, Tess, May, Mandy, Nori, Alana, Tate, Celine, Cammie and Krystal

You can get your hands on the downloadable collector's sheet HERE.

Other Sellers:

You can also buy these from Mighty Ape for $23.


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