Black Friday Sales Australia: Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Black Friday will be upon us on this Friday the 27th November 2015 and if you’ve not heard about it before, it’s possibly one of the biggest sale events of the year. Originating in the United States, it offers customers a great opportunity to save significant amounts of money on many online products as well as in-store items. Most retailers' websites get branded with Black Friday online sales, however beware, as finding true bargains requires due-diligence.

Retailers love to get us hyped up before Christmas to increase their profit margins and a special Black Friday sale is exactly that. If you want to save money this Black Friday during their online and in-store sales, you need to know these top tips to help you maximise your value for money.


Black Friday deals and online sales tips from BuckscoopKnow the Score

First and foremost, if you want to save money this Black Friday and get some of the best Australian deals around, you need to check how long each of your favourite retailers is running their sale for. Certain retailers may only be doing so on the Friday, whilst overs might extend to Cyber Monday (following Monday after Black Friday).

If you find that the Australian offers available on the Friday aren't good enough for you, you may want to check out deals on American websites from 4pm Australian time.


Early Bird

Whilst checking for sales times of your favourite retailers, also take note of which brands are advertising pre-black Friday discounts.

To give you an example, Sam’s Beauty in the USA is offering promo codes for pre-black Friday sales. In Australia, a pre-black Friday sale might just help you get some of the cheapest deals. was one of the only stores that I could find doing this so far.


Black Friday sales are right after a day of ThanksgivingHistory repeats itself

A major key to knowing if a Black Friday deal is truly an Australian bargain is to know the retailer's voucher / coupon track record. I mentioned in my previous Click Frenzy deals article that understanding what coupons have been released prior to a sale is a very effective way to determine if the sale is actually offering bargains or not.

Many retailers will use the hype of Black Friday simply to sell more products, regardless of whether they're actually priced lower than during the rest of the year. An equivalent example of this was where Hallensteins and City Beach were found to have lower discount rates at other times during the year than they did during Click Frenzy (see reference to my Click Frenzy post above).

You can use the Buckscoop Vouchers page to see what discounts retailers have offered previously in order to work out if their Black Friday deals actually give you the cheapest prices.


Stay Informed

Signing up to a retailer’s newsletter even just for the Black Friday sales period can prove fruitful if you want to stay on top of deals. Retailers sometimes offer the lowest prices and exclusive discounts to newsletter subscribers, but early Black Friday sales still need to be checked for their true bargain value as mentioned above.


Regional Configurations of Electronic Products 

Black Friday sales can offer top Australian bargains but bewareIt goes without saying, if you find an online bargain for an electrical item from the United States, make sure you have an adapter so you can actually use the product. Also be aware that DVD players and other recording technology may be formatted to a different region, meaning it wont play Australian content.



Buying from Australian retailers is simpler, but if you like hunting for online bargains from American Black Friday sales then check international shipping is possible for your chosen retailer.

Target USA for example use Border Free to perform their international shipping orders and it states Target USA international shipping is valid for Australia. However, finding eligible products may prove more difficult.

Here is a short list of USA retailers that ship to Australia to help you get started:

General Shopping


Babies / Kids




Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

A great practice that I like to use ahead of Black Friday is to visit all the retailer websites that I know will be having online sales. I then add all items that I am interested in buying to my cart. Once Black Friday arrives, all I have to do is check my various carts to see which items have been reduced in price. Simply remove the excluded items and order your bargains.


Missed Out

If you missed out on all of the Black Friday deals, or thought that the discounts weren’t good enough after you did your research, there is always Cyber Monday. This will be on the 30th November 2015 and is meant to be the online sales equivalent to the in-store Black Friday sales day, but with a bigger focus on electronic goods.


Ultimately, you don’t need to wait for a special sales day to get a good bargain. Buckscoop regularly have top Australian bargains on our Deals page all year, every year. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

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