Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Do the Online Deals really Save Money?

The online phenomenon that comes around every year known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be with us Thursday 24th November. The main focus is saving money via online deals and bargains, but the promise feels hollow. There is no doubt plenty of deals to take advantage of but do they really save you money?

We want to look at what ways you can score the best deals during these online shopping sales, but also let you know our opinion on why we believe these sales come across as meaningless and potentially do not add value for money. If you agree, we offer alternative shopping methods that will more likely be better deals.


How to Get the Best Shopping Deals

Trends over the past few years have emerged to show better and worse product categories to spend your money on. The advantages to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can range from discounted products to simply getting ahead of your holiday season shopping. These were some of the main ways to get the best deals:

  • Computer Hardware: computers and other electronics are generally the most discounted of all products on offer.
  • Shipping: Always check shipping dates to ensure goods will arrive in time for when you need them. Search for free or discounted shipping offers on social media too.
  • Sales Start Times: Ensure you check the start time of your favourite sale to maximise your opportunity visiting the store or browsing online.
  • Social Media: Always check your favourite brands social media pages for exclusive deals, offers and promotions not seen in-store or on their website.
  • Technology: Using apps from other stores to price compare is one of the best-kept secrets of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check with store about their price matching policy before you buy.
  • Bargain Hunters: It goes without saying, before running around hunting for the best deals, try using the expertise of bargain hunting websites such as
  • After Sales: The hype around the sales has meant retailers want to maximise on traffic, meaning the best deals reveal themselves in the weeks following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are meaningless

Early Access to Black Friday and Cyber Monday salesRetailers have been the cause of their own demise in terms of these sales. They want shoppers to spend money long before the key shopping events, yet they also want shoppers to turn out in full force on the Black Friday weekend. It’s this double-edged sword that is killing the significance of the event. Retailers endless rolling stream of deals and discounts heavily dilutes the uniqueness, especially when the word ‘cheap’ is thrown around like clothing within a washing machine.

A survey conducted by Ibotta in 2014 showed that 65% of shoppers believe Black Friday isn’t as big a deal as it once was. Along with this 50% of customers surveyed believe the best deals will come along after the sales dates have passed.

If you are looking to score the best deals and save yourself a massive headache of browsing the stores and websites for the best deals, wait until the crowds have dispersed and pick up the products that retailers are dying to get rid of.


Alternative method for getting deals

There are a number of powerful tools for comparing prices online such as Google Shopping, Shopbot and many more. Always enter your product into one of these forms of websites to check that your price is the best available online. Additionally, ensure you check your credit card policies because some may offer additional discounts when used.

Retailers will offer free shipping to incentivise customers and if your retailers minimum order threshold is to low, always check the coupons and vouchers page on Buckscoop for free shipping and discount codes for your favourite retailers. Rare deals also come about such as discounted gift cards e.g. $100 card for $80 which can be taken advantage of specifically at this time of year, meaning you could save $20 on shopping instantly.

Cyber Monday Sales

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