Biggest Rip-offs You Can Buy in Australia

An interesting study came out recently which reviewed products available on the open market in Australia that proved to be the biggest waste of money you could buy. If you have been caught out buying any of these products, it’s never too late to stop.

Save money and choose to buy products that offer better value for money because the corporate world is designed to part us with our hard earned cash. Marketing a product in a particular way can sometimes distract us from our money saving goals if we are not cautious enough and cause us to throw good money after bad. Here are some of those ridiculous money wasting products you can buy in Australia.


Activated Almond Milk

Almond milk doesn’t offer great value for money because you only get roughly 7% of the nutrients within the almonds used to create the milk. The vast majority of this product is simply water and at roughly $3 per litre or more it can be far cheaper to make the product yourself for better taste and quality.


Canned Oxygen

Possibly the most ridiculous product ever witnessed for sale in the modern world and the epitome of money being wasted. Initially aimed more towards the Chinese tourist industry, there is still no justification as to why this product’s concept was ever conceived. At roughly $20 per tin and offering oxygen from Bondi, Yarra Valley and the Blue Mountains, it’s quite ironic that China one of the most polluted countries in the world would search for clean oxygen when travelling to other countries.



Regardless of mountains of data out there proving the lottery can be a waste of money, numerous people play every week despite it. If you wish to play the lottery knowing the terrible odds, at least try to play union raffles for a house or car where the odds are one in 400,000 compared to the Powerball jackpot which is one in 77 million.


Cinema Popcorn

In Coles you can buy 200g of microwave Popcorn for $2, however buying it from the cinema will cost you five times that at roughly $10. If you feel daring enough to save money then you could sneak in sweets via your clothing or handbag knowing your local cinema has a scrupulous food and beverage policy.


Full Priced Clothes at Myer

Buckscoop has so many deals, discounts and bargains on a regular basis within its deals page, that buying full priced clothing from many retailers simply doesn’t make sense, especially to our deal hunters. One thing I have learnt from our deal hungry members is that if you wait until after the date that Myer has said their sale will expire, you can sometimes buy products with as much as 80% discount.


New Cars

A brand new car is often a desired purchase by many of us, but when do go through with it, that car can lose anywhere from 20-40% of its value immediately depending on the brand. If this information scares you off from wanting to buy new and you don’t trust the used car dealerships either, then try to get a good idea about what you should be paying for a second hand car.

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