Aussie Farmers Direct Continues to Test Major Supermarket Chains on Quality Organic Produce

Aussie Farmers Direct is a brand that has been catching our attention as it gathers momentum and popularity in Australia due to its provision of 100% organic Australian products. Eating trends within society today mean more and more people are looking for healthy and organic produce with little to no artificial additives or preservatives. 

Many of us often blindly assume that large supermarket chains are trustworthy enough not to try and cut corners in an effort to make bigger profits whilst disregarding the customer’s health in the process. Well, Coles was banned from advertising fresh bread for three years (whilst also being fined $2.5 million) due to falsely promoting "freshly baked" loafs on their premises when this wasn't the case. In another case reported by The Daily Telegraph, it described how Woolies, Coles and IGA were all stung by the NSW Food Authority for trying to sell customers mouldy food.

So in an age where our personal health, the quality of our food, and the better treatment of farm animals is continuously under scrutiny, it's no wonder that a company like Aussie Farmers Direct is managing to incrementally increase its customers base. Here's a closer a look at what their service entails and how to go about getting a discount on your orders.


When I read the article mentioned above about three well known food chains in Australia were being slandered for putting profits before customer's health, I was horrified. If you happened to have missed the story, these are the highlights:

 IGA Nabiac shelved potato salad and herbed bread two weeks after it had expired

 Woolies continued to stock shelves with expired milk at Catlex in Blacktown

 Coles has been failing to keep food on display at the right temperatures


Australian Brand Aussie Farmers Direct Sell Organic Products

In light of these less than savoury stories, it's no wonder so many people are sceptical about food sources. They also bolstered my appreciation towards those who prefer to pay a little bit more for organically grown produce. This is what I like about Aussie Farmers Direct, all of their fruit, veg and meats are organic and sourced from local Australian farmers. Their business is centred around supporting local farmers and producers, meaning you won't find yourself in a supermarket-orientated scenario where your products were grown in Asia, chopped in Ireland, prepared in Antarctica and somehow you end up eating penguin meat in your burger.


Currently Buckscoop has two Aussie Farmers Direct Vouchers live on the site. One gives you $20 credit when you sign up and the other gives you 20% off your first order when you spend $40 or more. Along with utilising these vouchers Aussie Farmers Direct also deliver, for example, small fruit boxes for below $10 (potentially a work snack?). In order to sign up you are required to purchase one of their three starter packs (the Autumn Veg Box, the Fruit and Veg Couples Box, the Fruit Only Box or the Brekky Essentials) costing $25. Start by selecting your box, then enter your address and card details before completing the checkout process and don't forget to enter the $20 off voucher code above to reduce your final total.



Aussie Farmers Direct Delivery in Eco-Friendly Recyclable Boxes

Along with their fruit boxes Aussie Farmers Direct also deliver fresh fruit, veg and meat boxes, which are either pre-selected by the company or you can pick your own contents. The company, you’ll be happy to hear, delivers to metro areas free of charge in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

If, like myself, you are seriously considering the quality of your food from chains like Woolies and Coles, these guys may provide just the answer to your organic needs. Sign up today and receive $10 discount immediately towards your first order.



Aussie Farmers Direct Special 10% Discount Offered on Sliced Cheese

Aussie Farmers Direct run weekly specials on a range of items, for example this week they currently have 10% off sliced cheese, 10% off an assortment of wraps and 20% off Anzac biscuits.

To maximise savings you can also combine these discounts with the current voucher they have available for 20% off when you spend over $40.

My recommendation would be to sign up and receive their $20 free credit and to try their starter pack, which costs a total of $25. Buying this and using your credit would mean you only pay $5 as shipping would be free to metro areas. So for such a nominal amount there's no reason not to try out their services to see if they're something you're interested in using moving forward. The selection of starter kits varies; choose from the 'Fresh Only', 'Fruit & Veg Couples', 'Autumn Veg' 'Super-fresh Brekky Essentials' boxes.


Product Ranges

Aussie Farmers Direct have a product range of over 170 different items which have been categorised into main sections consisting of fruit & veg, dairy, bakery, meat, seafood and beverages. No, they won't replace Coles or Woolies for everyday products such as tinned goods etc., but they will certainly offer you a fresh organic alternative from the sections mentioned above (also with the convenience of home delivery). The company doesn’t just care about providing healthy organic food though, it is also very conscious about the environment. When you order your fruit and vegetables boxes for instance, the box that the produce is sent within is itself recyclable and weather-proof.

If you're somebody who finds the process of ordering every week as well as visiting the supermarket a bit of a chore, you have the ability to schedule a weekly or fortnightly order so that you can always count on having your organic foodstuffs delivered regularly on time.

Aussie Farmers Direct Provide Free Delivery to Metro Areas in Australia


Checkout Process

Once your selection of produce has been made online and you're ready to pay, the payment process is simple and not time consuming at all. Credit cards are accepted just like any of the big supermarkets and your purchase will be processed immediately. On the other hand, if you happen to set up a direct debit for a regular delivery of products, your payment will be processed on Fridays.

On a final note, the website does say that delivery to all metro areas is free, but fees may apply depending on your area and delivery type. So please be sure to confirm this during the checkout process to be 100% sure of any associated delivery charges. I doubt Tasmania will qualify for free shipping for example.

If you have a smartphone then you can also download the company’s free iOS app to order whilst on the go.

Aussie Farmers Direct Offer you the Chance to Win a Coffee Machine

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