Appliances Online Coupon Gets You $100 Off Latest Tech Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher

If you are in the market looking for a new dishwasher at the moment, there is a great deal to be had over at Appliances Online. In my opinion there is nothing particularly interesting about buying a dishwasher, yet this Samsung WaterWall model (DW60H9950US) has certainly spiced things up a bit with its cutting edge cleaning technology.


Using Appliances Online's current coupon, you can get $100 off this dishwasher saving you roughly $500 off market prices elsewhere. Besides its impressive 5 star water efficiency rating, it also happens to be one of the best-looking "plate cleaners" I’ve seen (besides the girlfriend of course). Inside it features Samsung's awesome WaterWall technology which offers unparalleled cleaning capabilities.

This coupon code certainly appears to offer a better discount level than what Appliances Online generally tend to release. Most of the time we see codes with small discounts compared to their high minimum spend thresholds, e.g. $15 off orders over $500 or $10 off orders over $400 (so 3% or 2.5% off respectively). In the case of this dishwasher, however, the discount you're getting isn't far off 10%.

The WaterWall DW60H9950US model is priced at $1,167. Providing you choose the standard two-year warranty and don’t opt for an extended warranty or installation, then the total cost with free delivery and removal of your old machine will cost $1,067 after deducing the $100 coupon discount.

Appliances Online Checkout Page with $100 Coupon Code Added


If you are not a plumber or you don’t have a friend who works within the trade then you may find the company’s installation service for $170 beneficial. Considering that you have removed $100 from the price with your coupon code the installation if you do opt for it effectively will only cost you $70. This would total $1,237.

Appliances Online Checkout page with $100 Coupon Code Applied and Installation


Unlike most other retailers, Appliances Online provides free delivery, free removal of old disconnected appliances and next day delivery if you require it. If you wish to have additional customer care you have two options of either two or three years costing $129 and $149 respectively. So, if you do have a plumber friend or you can install the machine yourself at no extra cost, you may decide it to take out the additional customer care. Applying the coupon discount when selecting the the two year option, for instance, means it'll only end up costing you an extra $29 (so $1,096 in total).

Elsewhere online (Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and local appliance stores) you can purchase both the freestanding and built-in under bench versions of this dishwasher for about $500 more. Harvey Norman for example stocks the Samsung DW60H9970FS model, which differs only slightly for $1.629. The majority of specification are exactly the same such as the stainless steel body, 5 star water efficiency, 3.5 energy star rating, 12.2ltr/cycle and 293KWh power consumption. The slight differences between the two models are that the Harvey Normans’ DW60H9970FS is 4cm taller, has one extra cycle option (totalling six) and a 41dB noise level compared to the Appliances Online model's 44dB reading. If you can justify the additional $500 on these three minor differences, happy shopping, however I myself would struggle to justify that.

Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher compared to Regular Dishwasher


If you are now seriously considering the Samsung WaterWall dishwasher then its worth knowing what helped this machine score a 9.4 rating from and what supports their statement that its “better than 96% of the dishwashers we tested.” (I understand the link takes you to a slightly different model, but product codes change depending on the country, so I have used the link purely for reference purposes).

Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher Technology Close UpFirst and foremost the WaterWall, unlike your regular internal spinning arm dishwashers, provides a high-pressured spray covering every corner of the interior and overall a more thorough clean meaning you don’t have to waste additional water/money pre-washing your dishes. Samsung have also thought hard about the loading and unloading process and tried to eliminate the time-consuming cutlery part of the load. The top tray comes with a rubber FlexTray to easily remove all cutleries in and out of the machine at the same time. The final feature that I would like to mention is that the machine automatically opens the door to release the steam from within at the end of each cycle helping the contents dry quicker.

Overall, the Samsung WaterWall dishwasher has had great reviews online with only the odd complaint that sometimes the hinge has broken which automatically opens the door after each cycle. This fault however appears to have generally occurred within the first year after purchase and has been covered by the 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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