Apple’s New iPhone Special Edition (SE) Is the Cheapest Yet

Apple has revealed its new iPhone and iPad during a small launch within the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, USA. This unspectacular launch has the market wondering why everything has been so low key. It would appear as though the new iPhone SE has been brought into existence to replace the old iPhone 5C that flopped tragically for the company a few years back.

Apple has tried to listen to its customer's demands to give them what they believe customers are asking for, namely a smaller phone that fits into the hands better. The consumer tech giant has rolled back its design by almost 3 years, to the days of 4 inch displays. However, if you ask any critic or simply look at the phone itself, the company has basically put iPhone 6 technology inside an old iPhone 5S case. Is the company thinking forward or having to go backwards to recover losses from the iPhone 5C?


The iPhone SE can be considered the most powerful 4-inch display device on the market, carrying the same A9 processor that’s found in the 6S models. The camera has 12MP and can capture 4K videos. The front facing camera also comes with its own flash for those selfie lovers out there. The iPhone SE comes in four different colours; Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold in both 16GB and 64GB configurations. However, in reality it's basically nothing more than an iPhone 5C. So if you were expecting the launch of the new iPhone 7, then this is certainly not it, with the afore mentioned event taking place at the usual time later on in the year.

iPhone SE available four colour options


If you feel like getting your hands on a new, smaller iPhone then you will be happy to hear that the iPhone SE will be the cheapest handset ever sold by Apple. Of course you can expect the Australia tax to be added to the price, bringing the phone into the market at $679 for the 16GB version. In comparison, the USA market will see the phone go on sale for $579 incl. tax (US$399 excl. tax). Australia is not alone however, because the UK’s currency has also fallen against the dollar meaning they will be paying the same price as us. Of course Australian and the UK residents earn higher wages compared to those in the US, but when you consider that Apple only paid $80.3 million in tax during 2015 in Australia on over $6 billion worth of revenue, it does make you think who is really losing out here.


Apple iPhone SE 4-inch screen looks like iPhone 5S


Apple believes there is enough demand in the market for a smaller sized device at least for the next few years. The iPhone 6 and 6S both have 4.7-inch screens whilst their larger ‘Plus’ siblings have bigger 5.5-inch screens taking them into phablet territory. Apple claim that in 2015 they realised sales of over 30 million 4-inch screen iPhones and plan to continue exploiting that market in 2016 with their new iPhone SE.

The average Chinese man is 3-inches shorter than the average Caucasian white male, meaning their thumb reach is less. China is now one of the biggest markets for Apple and when China wants something they usually get it so this is probably the biggest justification for Apple to create the iPhone SE.

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