Amaysim Arrive Late to 4G Party but Pack a Big Data Punch

Society is demanding more data, which has become the differentiator within the mobile plan space today. Amaysim have honed in on this and now with the launch of its new 4G connectivity, provided via the Optus network, they are kicking up a storm in the market.

Amaysim turned 4 years old on 24th March 2015 and in celebration chose to release its whopper data plan offering 6GB of data which costs less than many of its larger rivals (e.g. similar plans from Telstra cost $95 vs. Amaysim's $54.90). To highlight Amaysims ‘slow and steady pace wins the race’ philosophy, they’ve teamed up with Olympic speed skater Steven Bradbury who (by chance) won a Gold medal in 2002. He famously had a poor start but overtook all skaters after they all collided together on the ice in front of him. Amaysim and Bradbury's partnership makes that point that sometimes arriving late to the party can have the biggest impact of all.


Amaysim customers have been asking for the past year as to when the MNVO launch of its 4G network was going to be live. Their adoption of the 4G technology 12 months after the rest of the market was reportedly based on their knowledge of Optus' network usage, which showed that in 2014 only 30% of its users had 4G enabled devices. Now its more along the lines of 50%.

Amaysim aim to increase their coverage by p to 90% by April as the company moves forward with the deployment of a 700MHz spectrum, which it won in the Digital Dividend Auction. This 700MHz spectrum, compared to its initially planned 1800MHz 4G system, will help radio-waves travel with greater ease through buildings.

 Amaysim Introduce their New Mobile Plans with 4G Speeds

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What’s Changed?

To kick things off with a bang, Amaysim are launching their 6GB plan which includes unlimited calls and texts in Australia for only $54.90 per month. If that’s a little too much for you, spend $10 less at $44.90 and receive 4GB of data with unlimited calls and text messages.

Take note, all plans will remain the same, the only difference will be that you will now have access to 4G speeds.

If you prefer Amaysim's ‘Flexi’ plan, then for $19.90 per month you will receive 500MB of data and be charged 9 cents per minute and 9 cent per text message. Their ‘As You Go’ plan will cost 7.2 cents per MB and 12 cents per minute and per text.

Amaysim Launch 4G LTE 700MHz Spectrum in AustraliaOne of the greatest changes Amaysim have made, in my opinion, is how they bill data. Previously Amaysim would have charged 5 cents per MB within the ‘As You Go’ plan and rounded up to the nearest MB. However, now they have changed to a KB system providing more accurate billing for customers. This is something customers across the industry have complained about, so kudos to Amaysim for taking action in this respect.

Julian Ogrin, Amaysims CEO stated “We always want to listen to our customers and listen to the market, and our customers were very much saying that when you move to 4G, we want the kilobyte rounding.”


The company has also built into its system the ability to buy 300MB of additional data for $4.90 to help you out during the months that you end up consuming more than expected. This is valid for 30 days from purchase and means you don’t have to buy another 1GB, for example, as before.

If for some reason you don’t want to move to 4G, customers on the Unlimited plan will be able to stay on 3G. However, all Flexi, As You Go and data packs will move to 4G for simplicity.

Mr. Ogrin mentioned “Our customers are free to stay on their existing plans with no changes, but we will be making sure that they’re informed about the options.”

 Amaysim Announce the Launch of their 4G Connectivity Speeds

If you move to Amaysim you can no longer activate your SIM in retail outlets and all activations must be made online from 24th March onwards. Their plans all still remain contract free and BYO device. So, if you're considering a move over to Amaysim and would like a great deal, our notorious bargain hunter Vikk has posted an excellent offering of 50% off the first month of their 4G Unlimited Plan.

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