ALDI’s Weird "Middle Isle" Products That Save Us Money

It’s no secret that ALDI are taking Australia by storm and don’t Coles and Woolworths know about it. The German brand has already announced their plan to open 120 new stores, much to the delight of consumers. Yet, the many weird and wonderful items that ALDI likes to sell are just as attractive to us it seems as the discounted foodstuffs it has on sale.

If you are still unsure about what exactly I am referring to, then have a cast your mind back about that middle isle in any ALDI store. Yes, that one with all the weird products that you've either never heard of before or never knew existed. It’s these products that are also one of the keys to ALDI’s success and one of the reasons why the company has over $700 million to spend on moving into the SA and WA territories. By the time ALDI has finished this phase of expansion it will have 497 outlets all together across Australia.


I'm sure some of you know precisely what kinds of "middle isle" products I'm referring to, causing reactions of air fist bumps or playing the air guitar out of joy. During any given week, ALDI stores could be selling anything from industrial meat slicers, punching bags, headphones, electric guitars, chocolate tea spoons, boxing sets, you name it. All of which were probably sold out pretty quickly too.

Chocolate Tea Spoons for sale in the Middle isle of ALDI StoresA regular ALDI shopper may only pop in to stock up on nappies or find some low cost gluten free products, when suddenly - BAM - there’s a zimmer frame for sale right in front of them. Another customer might only need some fresh fruit and veg to go with dinner when they turn the corner and suddenly - WOW - there’s an electric scooter for sale next to a wine fridge. I think you get my drift, that the company likes to constantly rotate random items to surprise its customers and keep them engaged with shopping at ALDI, because every trip could be a tiny adventure.

Yet, do these products save you money compared to buying them elsewhere? Or is this just clever way for ALDI to catch us off guard, which leads to impulse buys of items we could have perhaps bought cheaper online somewhere else.


Below I have constructed a small comparison of the products that ALDI will have coming on sale from the 24th of October 2015 and how they are priced compared to other retailers.

FYI: I selected the cheapest options from other retailers that most closely matched the ALDI products, to make prices as equal as possible. However, the quality of the ALDI products in most cases is far more superior. Click the links to see what I mean.




Harvey Norman


The Good Guys


4 Burner Hooded BBQ





Gas Pizza Oven





4 Person Tent





Roll Up Table and Bench Set





Children’s Camping Chair with Sunshade





* Masters did not have a complete set so I priced together two benches and one table to create the same offering.


4 Burner Hooded BBQ for Sale at ALDI from the 24th October 2015All of ALDI’s products are very competitively priced compared to other retailers, with ALDI generally being cheaper across most. Also the fact that these products come on sale at the right time of year increases their and the brand's popularity.  Along with the products mentioned above, more will go on sale from the 24th October, all of which can be viewed on the ALDI Special Buys webpage.

Ian Chitterer, the vice president of the large credit rating and research company Moody’s commented on the ‘special buyssection saying; “If you look at it, you’ll see roughly the same stuff twice a year”. “They buy it in bulk and rotate the same items year on year, bringing back the ones that sold well – and trying new things every now and then.”


Roll Up Table and Bench Set from AldiAs we approach Halloween and Christmas, expect to see popular items on sale within this section too as these are some of the more common items that have come to be expected. ALDI also likes to keep us on our toes too, as with their recent, exclusive collaboration with Australian designed Collette Dinnigan to create kids fashion items (which went on sale on October 14th 2015).

So there you have it, ALDI don’t just use the middle isle to tempt us into impulse purchases, they also competitively price their products to offer us better value for money compared to other supermarkets/retailers. A spokeswoman from ALDI spoke on the middle isle saying it, “adds an element of surprise to shopping at ALDI.”

Children's Camping Chair with Sunshade


The middle isle’s stock changes every Wednesday and Saturday with everything being advertised in advance within the supermarket's magazine as well as their website. This gives you time to price compare ahead of time in order to feel confident that you're getting a good deal - something close to our hearts here at Buckscoop.

Finally, just to end off with, below is a list of middle isle products that have either been sold in store over the past year or will be in the near future.


Smokey BBQ Peanuts Can

Disposable Coffee Cups that replicate the look of Takeaway coffee










Hackey-Sack Styled Foot Poof

Boxing Set for Sale at ALDI

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