A Summary of Australian Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals This Weekend

If you want to make the most out of Cyber Monday by taking advantage of all the upcoming deals, then there are a couple of important points that you need to make yourself aware of. If you haven’t heard of Black Friday, you may be a tad too late, however Cyber Monday arrives (unsurprisingly) on Monday 30th November.

Originally, Cyber Monday was effectively the online version of Black Friday, although with more of a focus on electronic based products. Last year in Australia we spent $2.28 billion on Cyber Monday alone, but now it appears as though these two days are blurring into one with many of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers overlapping this weekend. The advantage of this, however, is that there's a greater opportunity to pick up a bargain on a wider variety of goods.


Cyber Monday bargain deals and discounts from online retailers on BuckscoopCyber Monday is primarily an American event, but Australia has slowly been adopting it - mainly as another excuse to create hype to get customers spending more (as I see it anyway). You will notice a number of Australian retailers advertising their bargain prices for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. However, you are not limited to buying from Aussie retailers only. International shipping from large overseas companies makes shopping in America and other countries possible too. If you do shop overseas though, just make sure that you check the shipping terms for each individual retailer before you buy an item. You don't want to get caught out by hefty shipping fees, delivery times or returns policies.


What are the Top Australian Deals we’ve seen?

It would appear that there is plenty of hype around televisions this year, with many retailers having lowered prices significantly across a wide choice of brands and models. If you are looking to buy a new set, then make sure you know the difference between OLED, HD, Plasma, Smart ready etc. with my Definitive TV buying guide. It also provides a very useful list of existing deals on Buckscoop to help put bargain prices into perspective if you've seen what you consider to be a "great deal" but would like something to compare it against.


Top Australian Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Table

Chromecast Tony Bianco Heels Hampers
Coffee Machine Maternity Wear
65” 4K UHD TV 3D Designer Bags/Shoes
50” Full HD LED 3D TV Cycling Shoes
PlayStation Controller


Remember that you can also use Buckscoop's Vouchers page to find discounts on online shopping items that you really want, but that are not in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargain sales.


When does it Start?

Cyber Monday deals no longer remain isolated to just Monday. The deals and bargains from many retailers actually became available from the start of Black Friday (yesterday) and will continue through to Monday.

Buying Tip: Start looking for deals straight away and don’t hesitate to buy if you believe you have found a great bargain. Products wont hang around until Monday if it’s that good.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and discounts at Australian retailers


Which Retailers are having Cyber Monday Sales in Australia

Below I have compiled a brief list revealing some of the more popular retailers having Cyber Monday sales. Remember, if you would like to add better insight into your shopping experience during the sales, you can view my Black Friday Sales Tips article.

Cellarmasters – 30% off Hallensteins – 30% Off
ASOS – 20% Off
 HEALTH & BEAUTY Boohoo – 70% Off
 Amcal – 10% / 15% / 20% Off J.Crew – 30% Off
 Sephora – 10% Off David Jones – 50% Off
Missguided – 30% Off
 ELECTRONICS Moss Bros – 20% Off
 Ozgamesshop – 20% Off Myer – 40% Off
 Officeworks – Beat it by 5% Surfstich – 30% Off

Christmas online shopping deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

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