Zhu Zhu Puppies Bark Park + BONUS Sabrina Puppy $12.95 + $7.95 @OO.com.au (24hr deal)

21 July 2012

It has a rrp $49.95
EARLY ACCESS - 24hour only

They are also selling for $27.90 delivered on eBay
Great gift for the girls :D

Bark Park Playset
Fun and colourful
Perfect for your Zhu Zhu puppies
Your Zhu Zhu puppies will discover endless adventures
Your Zhu Zhu puppies can roam, roll and run around in their very own playground
Comes with bonus Zhu Zhu Sabrina Puppy with Brush
Hours of fun
This toy is suitable for children aged 4+
Please note: Pack does not include grey and brown puppies, only Sabrina puppy.

Package Contents
1 x Bark Park playset and accessories
1 x Bonus Zhu Zhu Sabrina Puppy with brush

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