Weeman Toilet Trainer $18 DELIVERED!! - Babylove Special Offer

5 April 2008

The Weeman Toilet Trainer is a unique Australian invention revolutionising toilet training for little boys. This handy urinal clips onto the front of a normal toilet, allowing boys to relieve themselves unaided â just like dad! And, the proven design means the Weeman can be emptied and flushed without being removed from the toilet. So no cleaning is required! In an exclusive offer BabyLove is offering you the Weeman, retailing at $29.90, at the DISCOUNTED PRICE of $12.00 + $6.00 postage & handling. So order now and have this fantastic offer delivered to your door!

This is in the special offer section of the babylove club.

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  • Keeys
    I was wondering if anyone had used one of these do you recomend. Having had 2 boys already toilet training little boys isn't easy, but was wondering if this would help. Its not expencive either which I like. The cheapest I can find elsewhere is $25 in stores or $21 online but then you have postage.
  • geo78
    i don't believe in these things..i guess everyone can be trained without those..

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