Wacky Father's Day Gift Ideas for 4th September

In just under a month we have father’s day across Australia and if you haven’t spent enough time with your dad recently then this is a great opportunity to remind him you’re thinking of him. Sunday September 4th may still seem like a while away but if you don’t act now then these things can creep up on you before you know it.

Therefore if you haven’t applied any thought to your gift just yet, we have a selection of present ideas for you here today which are slightly different from the conventional ideas you may have had in mind. There should be enough here to get the creative juices flowing and to give you ideas. Check out our gift ideas for father’s day and if you don’t find anything, we will have more coming later in the month.


Unlike Christmas and Valentines Day if you have a humorous streak then you can let this show on days such as father’s and mother’s Day, because unlike the other days which have gravitas to them and where you are expected to honour the season, these occasions are a little more liberal. We also have the media to thank, because the likes of Homer Simpson, Walter White and Don Draper have lowered the bar of what acceptable dad behaviour is like, which may make you feel like having a joke at their expense for a change.

So if you feel like exposing the inner weirdness of your dad, take this opportunity to look through some of our wacky gift ideas and make this year’s fathers day a light heated and humorous one. Don't forget there are new deals uploaded every day to our deals board which can help you save money or a variety of different products.


The O2 TrainerThe O2 Trainer

This gadget works by restricting the amount of oxygen entering the lungs. MMA fighter, Bas Rutten created the device to restrict the amount of air to the lungs and as a result strengthen them. This helps build up endurance and especially increases exposure your father to ridicule.


Wine Glass Holder NecklaceWine Glass Holder Necklace

This ones pretty self explanatory but if your dad likes to drink wine at most occasions then you can guarantee he will be having a glass on fathers day. Rather than letting him lose his glass or spilling his drink and becoming distraught, buy him the wine glass holder necklace so he can tell his boring stories with both hands and still have wine within reach at all times.


Skeleton Garden GnomesSkeleton Garden Gnomes

If your dad likes to do a spot of gardening then provide him with some company whilst he whistles and works. Standard gnomes are always so happy to be doing nothing, therefore I present to you skeleton and zombie garden gnomes which have starved to death due to neglect.



Bottle Opener T-shirtBottle Opener T-shirt

If your dad likes to be the life of the party then having a bottle opener incorporated into his t-shirt is certainly going to improve his status amongst his friends. On the other hand, if he’s a bit of a tool, at least this t-shirt will make him a useful one.


Coach Potato Cross Trainer

Coach Potato Cross TrainerIf dad likes to sit in front of the box a little too much, against what his doctor recommends then the cross trainer can be an ideal way to emphasise how lazy he actually is. The little weight straps onto the bottom of the remote, pretty badly to be honest, but it will hopefully make him think twice about sitting down to watch TV.

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