TOYWORLD - Lego and Duplo "Basic Bricks" sets $39.99/$49.99

11 March 2008

On the back page of Toyworld's catalogue this week - a number of different Lego products, including these two "exclusive to Toyworld".

LEGO 6176 - Duplo Basic Bricks $39.99 - assortment of basics in primary colours. 80 pieces.

LEGO 6177 - 650 Piece Deluxe Bricks - assortment of bright colours.

I can't find Toyworld's catalogue online and they have a very basic website; basically, you can find your local store. Some stores have their own websites, but I haven't found one with the catalogue yet!

Also on the back page, LEGO 5585 - Girl's Starter Set in lovely pink tub. Sure it's sexist, but hey, if you want your little girl (or boy) to have pretty pink bricks, looks like that's the way to get them!

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