Toys R Us - Massive Nappy Sale (no minimum spend)

12 May 2010

5 days only

Huggies Jumbo Nappies - $29.99

Huggies Nappy Pants - $10 (half price)

Baby Love Jumbo Nappies - $16.49 (half price)

Especially for me Supreme Jumbo Baby Nappies - $27.99

Max 4 boxes per person

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  • ntowill
  • Abee2
    Great deal! I am hoping to get there today at lunch.
  • ntowill
    TIP: When you buy something at Toys R Us at the moment, you'll get a survey request on your receipt. Just go to the website noted, do the survey and you'll get a voucher for $5 off your next purchase. You have to do the survey within 3 days of purchase and the $5 voucher is valid for 30 days from the date of the original purchase. :flowers:
  • Rebekah76
    Check Baby Bunting too - I think the Babylove Nappies are 2 for $26 ($16.49 at Toys R Us) Big W also have the babylove megaboxes for $33.48 as their regular price (newborns have 128 in packet) - as I think the newborn jumbo packs have about 48 in them?) you can see it's worth checking how many are in the packs you buy - Big W everyday price might be cheaper than Toys R Us sale price) Big W also have the Junior size (largest) in their megaboxes too
  • ntowill
    A comparison of the BabyLove nappies at Toys R Us and Big W: Big W Crawler Mega Box (112 nappies) = $33.48 = $0.30 per nappy Toys R Us Crawler Jumbo Pack (90 nappies) = $16.49 = $0.18 per nappy Conclusion - Big W nappies are 66% more expensive that the Toys R Us special. I stocked up on the BabyLove nappies and the Huggies Pull Ups (which are normally $21 - now $10) plus grabbed the 2 x 240 pack Huggies baby wipes for $20 (save $10) while I was there. Will be glad when all my kids are out of nappies!!!! :p
  • melscott28
    YAY im going to perth so can actually go to a store and buy some.
  • Rebekah76
    sorry ntowill... thought it was the smaller packs.. a very good deal indeed.
  • camtenahu
    I went to the Chemist Warehouse today in Caringbah to grab a few things. While I was there I remembered the Nappy Deal @ Toys R Us (Huggies Box) so asked if they price matched. They did even better than that - I got two boxes (newborn) for $28.79 each! I would've bought more, but they didn't have any! Thought that was a good bargain :)

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