Tommee Tippee nappy wrapper Starter Kit $99 at Babies Galore - SAVE $78

19 November 2007

Babies Galore are selling bin plus 6 cartridges for $99!!

Its on the website for 139.95 reduced from $176.70 but no instore its selling for $99!!

They have it on their website but I'm having trouble getting the info :(

Would make a great gift or if you are expecting yourself. We have one of these and love it. Bubs almost a year old and we still use it and they really do stop the smell. No more running out to the bin every time there is a dirty nappy ;)

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  • nod
    This is what you get in the kit:
    * 1x Tub (including starting refill) * 4x extra stage 1 Refills * 1x stage 2 refills
    Nice price Thanks Keeys, it would make a great present for someone expecting
  • nod
    I just changed the title Keeys - I hope you don't mind. Helps people see what the offer is and hopefully get you a higher temp :)
  • ScarletRubies
    I hate clicking cold, but I just HAVE to... I hate these "time capsules" for nappies (sorry Keeys!) with such a passion. *off now!*
  • nod
    May I ask why Ruby? Do you think they are stupid, unnecessary or over priced?? Or all of the above :D
  • ScarletRubies
    stupid, I guess is the simple answer. The slightly more long winded one is that wrapping a plastic nappy in plastic to be preserved for all of perpetuity is both revolting, stupid and ecologically insane. And I think if I say "both" I can't go on to make three points. But they are all true, IMveryHO. *didn't I say I was leaving???* :D I'm gonna get in trouble soon! Oh, did I mention what was INSIDE the plastic nappy wrapped in plastic? Nasty! (talking about the kid's output here, not the revolting chemicals and liquid-absorbing crystals in the nappy core...)
  • nod
    I am completely ignorant to the baby world. But I have to say I am not sure why you would want to preserve a kiddies nappy :D
  • MamaK
    I think ruby is trying to say it means the disposable nappy will take longer to decompose wrapped in extra plastic. I think they also explode in the dumps when they heat up
  • nod
    I think they also explode in the dumps when they heat up
    That does not sound pleasant at all :(
  • nod
    Sorry Keeys, we seem to have hijacked your deal posting :D Sorry also that we don't think that the item is environmentally friendly. I certainly appreciate all the deal posting you have been doing of late :)
  • MamaK
    yes sorry keys- a great price if you are in the market for one. Never mind me, I'm just a clothie at heart :D
  • Keeys
    Thanks nod for fixing it up I wasn't totally finished posting when I lost internet conection :( As for the argument on cloth v's disposable that could go on for ever and given I live in an area where drought is bad and water is precious and often only so much per day per person allocated it becomes so much more than just about landfil ;) I love this system its ment in winter when it was cold like minus whatever I didn't need to go outside just to pop the nappy in the bin. We only empty 2 times a week. To be honest this is my third child and I thought it was gimicy and never had for my others, I only got one cause of the cold weather, but I highly recomend them now after having had one. Anyway each to their own ;) :)

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