Tip for anyone looking to buy strollers (on sale almost everywhere!)

21 June 2008

Applies to not just for David Jones but all stores selling strollers like Myers, kmart, target, babies galore, etc.

Govt is imposing new standards and laws from July 1, 2008 which will make it illegal to sell strollers and prams (new or old) without safety features like red brakes and wrist straps. Hence, pretty much all stores are heavily discounting old stock this month.

so if u r looking to buy a stroller or know someone having a baby soon , regardless if it is a cheap umbrella stoller from kmart or top of the line ones like bugaboo or maclaren ones from DJs etc., this is the time to get a bargain. Myers and DJs are even selling their floor stock at even greater discounts.

It would also be a good time to buy a stroller as a baby shower present!

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  • voteoften
    That's a good tip. If I wa sin the market for a stroller I would probably be happy to pay the regular price for a stroller with extra safety features. So it sounds like it will be illegal to sell your used stroller even on ebay, a swap meet or what have you. Do the stroller restrictions apply to individuals or just businesses? This could be really hard on people who are poor who are having a baby. If they can't buy a used stroller - because none of the ones with the new safety features have filtered through, they will be forced to buy new or do without. Unlike a change mat or many other baby items, a stroller is essential as it allows mothers to be mobile. NOt being mobile is a sure path to depression. It is a very bad move if individuals can not sell used strollers without these features. Will charities be able to collect the used strollers without the saftety features and distribute them free of charge?
  • voteoften
    Here's more info. http://www.accc.gov.au/content/item.phtml?itemId=825777&nodeId=2a4ad3fe27ff60603b3db062e5a775a4&fn=Prams%20and%20strollers%E2%80%94safety%20requirements.pdf Don;t know if an individual would be a second hand supplier..... It requires a tether on the item to prevent it from rolling away. How many parents are actually going to the tether? If they really wanted to make a difference, they would require that the tether be used.
  • samia786
    apparently u will not be able to sell a used one on ebay (atleast that's what I heard on on of the baby forums) The new standards have only updated for brakes to be red (for better visibility) and wriststraps. All other safety features are still covered by the old standards. But as for using the old models,they still have brakes (but maybe not red in color).( my old stroller had black brackes and a wrist strap, the new one I recently bought has red brakes and a strap, though I never did use the strap !) As for the wrist strap, u can buy it separately to fit any stroller. I understand most manufacturers are going to refit current models with red brakes and add strap to comply.
  • golfwidow
    Great thanks. My mum and i were only just talking about this today as we noticed the big discounts but thought it was just end of financial year. Very helpful as i have lots of baby showers this year and might even put one away for me :)
  • admin EDITOR
    bit of a case of health and safety gone stupidly rampant by the sounds of it.
  • voteoften
    bit of a case of health and safety gone stupidly rampant by the sounds of it.
    I agree, individuals and charities should be able to sell or give them away without fear of lawsuits or breaking the law.
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - Rock Start infinity pram and stroller $300 at Deals Direct......

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