TARGET "Red Hot Nursery Sale"; save 20-30-40%

10 September 2007

20% off:
- soft baby carriers
- monitors
- nursery furniture
- care & feeding
- car seats
- strollers

30% off:
- nappy bags
- safety gates
- bed rails
- nursery bathroom plastics
- nursery manchester
- bibs
- nursery toys

40% off:
- Target branded feeding
- safety gates


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  • ScarletRubies
    If interested, I recommend looking into baby carriers OTHER than "soft carriers". Check out Also, Deals Direct has a lot of nursery stuff, including baby safety gates, at good prices (and with BS cash back). I saw (Admin's?) remarks on this sale, but was planning on listing it separately, so I did!
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I knew someone would... Thanks ruby. Whats up with "soft carriers" ? I was carted around on my mums back in one of those slings on TheBabyWearer when I was a junior. Dont think it did toooo much brain damage.
  • ScarletRubies
    LOL - brain damage is not normally an issue! The standard soft carriers (really don't want to mention names!) are generally (a) expensive/overpriced; (b) of limited use - generally can only carry babies comfortably (for the wearer) until 8 or 9 kilos, because it just isn't comfy to hang more weight around your neck and shoulders onto your front; and (c) not good for a baby's hips and pelvis. Having a baby hanging by their crotch is physiologically damaging. In order for a baby's hips and pelvis to continue to develop normally, they are much better off in a fetal position when younger or a "froggy" position as they get older - the key indicator is that their knees be higher than their hips. It takes stress off their spines and a 'seated' position is also more comfortable to someone carrying a baby, too. Once a baby is older/heavier/stronger/developing well, they can be moved onto your back which reducing your own spinal and leg fatigue. I don't want to waffle too much! If people are interested, I am definitely happy to talk more, but there's heaps of info online, too.
  • admin EDITOR
    not that you've spent hours and hours checking it out :)
  • ScarletRubies
    SAHM... being a mum is my full time job and I was pretty anal about my career before kids - guess who relocated all that ability and drive? :p

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