Super-Mum and the Return of the Evil School Clothing Retailer

The kids should be back to school after the Christmas holidays and those shackles may be releasing some more freedom. Yet, those little terrors will still find a way to invade your “me time.” New school terms mean new adventures for the kids, and with new adventures come new battle wounds such as trouser holes, scuffed shoes and ripped shirts.

Today I share secrets on where super-mums go to buy their affordable clothing and what super powers they use to keep the costs down and the kid’s spirits high. Say no to evil and expensive clothing retailers by fighting those sky-high prices with your partner in crime, Buckscoop.


Most schools require a uniform which means for ten to twelve years you will have to try and find ways to save money buying garments for your child. If you have more than one then this means even more years. So it’s crucial to get your purchases right each year, especially as most mums like to buy at least two or more of each item so that their children have a back up.

The basics consist of either a t-shirt and shorts or a more formal combination of trousers and button shirt or dress with long socks. However, kids all grow so this years clothing may be too small next year. Thus, a pragmatic way to work is as follows; begin by making a list of all the items your child has, both in the wardrobe and stuffed in any nooks and crannies, that way you know exactly what they do and do not need. Then apply the following tips that are relevant to your shopping requirements.


Check the Sales

Big retailers such as Big W, Target and Kmart all provide affordable school clothing and generally have sales through out the year. Combine their sales with Buckscoop voucher codes and save between 20% and 60% by shopping at the right time of year. Also a super-mum tip is to head to the end of season clearance sales and buy next year’s items, but one size up.


Second Hand Shops

The Salvation Army and Lifeline are good places to check for affordable t-shirts, jeans, jackets and sometimes shoes. A brand new shirt from Target will cost around $15, but at these stores you can find similar alternatives for around $5.


Swapping Clothes

If you have a group of friends with kids of different ages, swapping clothes can give your child a whole new wardrobe for free. A great tip for girls could be to create a shopping game with monopoly money where they can browse each other’s wardrobes and pay each other respectively.


So, for all those super-mums who have utilised the above tips and still need to get a few things together for their kids, I’ve compiled a quick table to see what some of the big stores are offering within their catalogues and at what prices. Check out the table below to find items that suit your budget but, you will notice straight away that Kmart's school uniform catalogue is clearly the most affordable across a variety of its products.


Big W Kmart Target
Polo Shirt $2 $2 $8
Knit Shorts $6 $3.5 $13
School Shorts $8 $6 $15
School Skort $8 $8 $13
School Dress $10 $8 $17
Short Sleeve Shirt $3 $5 $13
Plain Crew Tee $5 $3.5 $8
School Pants $10 $12 $15
Track Pants $30 $6 $12
School Sweat n/a $6 $20
Socks 10 for 5pk 6 for 9pk 8.6 for 10pk
Stationary Set 9pcs $5 $3 n/a
Writing Set 25pcs $5 $3 n/a
Boys Leather Shoes $49 $25 n/a
Girls Leather Shoes $49 $25 n/a
Jogging Shoes $8 $8 n/a


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