Steel Tonka truck $19.99 at Toys'r'Us

4 December 2006

This is one of the specials from the 12 days of Christmas sale at Toys'r'Us. The RRP is $40.
These trucks make great presents and a far more durable than their plastic cousins.
These specials only last for one day - this is available only for tomorrow the 5th of Dec.

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  • admin EDITOR
    I remember years ago wanting a tonka truck. My parents didn't buy me one. Maybe that explains things. :D
  • nod
    Awe.... should we buy you one?? :eek:
  • admin EDITOR
    only if I get a sandpit to play in and a front end loader to fill it as well. Funny how in the world of technical gizmo's these sorts of toys are still around.

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