Soldsmart Wooden Toy Doll House - 0.75 metres tall over 3 levels $97-50

20 October 2007

This sturdy Wooden Toy Doll House is over 3 levels. The great price of $97-50 also includes 20 pieces of wooden furniture, plus 3 dolls (Mummy, Daddy and daughter). RRP is $299, so it's a major saving of $200.

The postage needs to be calculated depending on where in Australia you live - I am in WA and the postage is $35. Considering the fabulous price this isn't too much to ask.

Be mindful that it will require some assembly but it appears to come with all the stuff you need to get it all together!

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  • nod
    Looks like a pretty cool Dolls House Thanks Smarmie :)
  • Emma EDITOR
    I was looking to see if there's a piccy to show the size compared to a child or something, but nah, just images of the house :) I wished I had something like this when I was little, but I had to make do with shoe boxes and loo rolls.
  • lisss
    That's an excellent price. I remember when we were looking for a dolls house and ended up buying a slightly larger handmade one and that cost $200, without any furniture and with less detail than this! We looked everywhere, wish this had been around 3 years ago! :whistling:

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