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22 November 2007

I just lost a long and convoluted post proclaiming the wonders of these packs. Oh well - here goes!

From the home page, head to Baby Clothes, then select Baby Girl or Baby Boy to find great value packs - coordinated wardrobes which will make stunning gifts, or just help you hit the ground running after a new baby. There aren't any value packs in unisex, but there are more in "Little Girl". Don't forget to check the summer and winter collections via the sun & snowflake icons.

Pictured is a baby girl pack, size 0 (from around 9 to 12 months for the non-parents - though my kids were in 0s till 18 months or more.). It is $89.10 - RRP of $220. All name brand, quality gear. Will post a boy pic too...

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  • ScarletRubies From the Baby Boys winter collections - $52.80 (RRP $190) Little Girls summer - $77.75 (RRP $150)
  • admin EDITOR
    I've given you a hot on this ruby - very good value.
  • nod
    I have to say that the Boys winter collection looks to be really good value! Hot vote for that one! And if you use the $10 off code - abcbaby - you will only pay $42.80! But when I try to find the Baby Boys winter collections - $52.80 (RRP $190) I can't find it on the site - do you have a link for it Ruby?
  • ScarletRubies
    Here you are, Nod. Even though most of the site looks pretty, it's still not brilliantly intuitive. To get from winter to summer or vice versa, you need to click on the snowflake or sun on the top middle/right hand side. Still FAB prices and I am trying so hard not to go berko. :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Oh, just a though - you may not get free shipping if you discount it to less than $50?
  • nod
    Ah cool Thanks I figured you could add something small to tip you over the $50 mark to get free shipping. They have a load of stuff to chose from :)
  • mouldgirl
  • nod
    Hey thanks Mouldgirl Make those packs even more attractive :D ............. just checked and it appears that a lot of the value packs have sold out :(
  • Keeys
    seems 2 be 2 girls packs left and lots of baby packs but nothing left in the boys from what I could see.

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