Robosapien chrome $69.99 in Toys'r'Us sale

18 July 2007

Toys'r'Us do not want to be left about when it comes to toy sales so they have just announced a new sale... well it really is an extension on the old one.. but can't complain as they have reduced prices further.

One buy that looks cool is the chrome Robosapien for $69.99

So if you are not toy sale shopped out then you can add Toys'r'Us to your list

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  • nod
  • Brad
    That would have to be the longest photo I have ever seen Nod. Somehow under 1mb too!
  • nod
    Well I did try to just cut the piccie of Robosapien but it did not work... so I figured what the hell.... more offers for those that are interested :D

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