Remote Control Homersapien on Sale at Big W - Now $49.66

4 July 2008

A toy robot Homer that walks, dances, strikes, grabs, throws, communicates and interacts.

Over half price - a very great toy/gadget to buy for yourself or as a present.

Now $49.66 - save $78.34

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  • nod :D That is one scarey looking Homer! You could train him to go fetch you donuts thanks for the post Auna
  • Auna
    I will be buying one of these soon, hope they have it in stock. Here is a video review of the homersapien: ]
  • lilpretzel That's a great price Auna, I noticed Deals Direct has it for $69.95 + Shipping. Great first post, Welcome to Buckscoop!
  • dealhunter08
    be quick with bigw specials.. i went in there at 12midnight thinking i was going to be the only one turning up.. turns out it was a mad rush into bigw right at midnight.. there was almost a fight too with people waiting in line and others jumping the line right at 12!
  • nod
    :D people are crazy hey? So what did you manage to grab Dealhunter08?
  • dealhunter08
    nintendo wii pack (wii sports + beach sports + carnival) + wii fit.. 507 total... not bad!
  • admin EDITOR
    thats a bargain on the wii pack.
  • dealhunter08
    yup and the wii fit aint easy! i was playing it before thinking it was gona be easy since i train alot... NO WAY

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