Pumpkin Patch Online Clearance Sale - Extra 20% Off Code

16 June 2008

Pumpkin Patch sell lovely baby and children's clothes. They have great online sales too at the end of season clearances. Use the code OCSJUN08 for an extra 20% off the sale prices that are already up to 50% discount clearance prices.

For 3 days only June 16 to 18

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  • nod
    Thanks Nancia :) I will repost the code for you so that it appears on our ]voucher page. When you find a code that you would like to share on Buckscoop hit the green' voucher' button during deal submission. I had heard that Pumpkin Patch had removed their sale due to most of the items being sold out?? Did they restock or something?
  • nancia
    There seems to be alot on sale although the sizes aren't always there. I just got the email in the mail last night. It's a great deal. I bought a whole outfit for my baby girl velour pants, poncho and matching furry hat for just $30 plus postage.
  • creeno
    Hmmmm....very scared about trying them again. They made me very cranky with my last attempt at ordering from them this year when it took them 15 days to tell me that they couldn't fulfil 10 items from my order of 11 items.....and then didn't even have the decency to reply to the email I sent them about it. Very poor customer service and stocktaking systems....
  • nod
    Have heard that about them Creeno. They often have some great prices but they need to sort their stock system out for sure! Nancia let us know how you go with your order and how long it takes for the items to arrive :)

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