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5 April 2008

Subscribe now to the Australian Breastfeeding Association and you not only receive 6 issues a year of "Essence" magazine but you also get a free copy of ABA's comprehensive book
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You help educate the community about breastfeeding and ensure that all mothers both now and in the future, have access to accurate information.

You find friendship and encouragement from the mothers you meet at your local group

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  • voteoften
    Sorry Mamak. I have voted cold. In my opinion, this organisation demonises mothers who do not breastfeed. In my opinion, they have done untold damage to women who do not breastfeed and I do not think they should be supported in any way shape or form. All my opinion of course.
  • Keeys
    I've never had an issue with them I just think they are like the ani disposable nappy mob that run around ;) I'm a bad parent I couldn't breastfeed and of my kids and all wore/wear disposables ;) BTW I should have said I won't be voting because I think its good for someone who might be interested but isn't for me, even when I was having kids.
  • ScarletRubies
    I completely disagree, but don't think anyone should be labeled a "bad parent" - by themselves or by anyone else! I don't think there is anyway to dispute that breastfeeding is best for a baby, and of significant benefit (physical, emotional, social and financial for starters) for mothers/parents. Similar to the exorbitant caesar rates in Australia, we need to remember that SOME women can't breastfeed... but it is no where near the number of women who DON'T breastfeed. I don't think the ABA is out of line for suggesting that choosing not to breastfeed is not a good choice. They've helped me out on at least one occasion I remember in the dead of night...
  • Keeys
    see you could beg to differ on it being the BEST for baby cause its only BEST if mum is eating right etc When we saw a specialist this time last year for our bub he was only 4mths old at the time one of the questions was is bub breastfeed and I thought here we go a lecture ...when I replied no bottle his reply was good we know exactly what hes getting nutrient wise. So is breast best? Only if mum is doing everything right and even then its not best if bub has other issues so BEST is what BEST suits your family not everyone else ;)

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