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23 April 2010

I bought some of the socks a few motnhs ago and they are great quality.

The socks are $6.50 for 5 pairs. (usually $60 - ridiculous price)
Red with "Fart Factory" words
Pink with "Big Sister, AKA the Divine Ruler" OR "Rockette"
White with "Genius = QTPi"
Black with "Boobman" OR "Peace Symbol" OR "Dude plus male symbol" OR "Rockstar"

Hats - Beanies in red, white, pink or black $1.50 (usually $28)

Bibs - $1.50 (usually $20 - who pays $20 for a bib I ask you?)

Onesies $3
Tshirts $2

Postage is $8.50 start plus 50c per extra item. Good value if you plan on buying a few.

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  • Rebekah76
    sorry - typo - the socks are in packs of 6

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