One for Mums with babies, Deluxe 3 Wheel Jogger blue, red also available $149

10 May 2007

Rome around in style with this fantastic jogger from Ebaby. This has a great one hand fold function! So you don't need help with folding it and storing it in your car or get on the bus or taxi!

There are windows on top so that you can always keep an eye on them. It is equipped with a double bar brake to make it simple for you to lock on the back brakes.

The removable snack tray, and the seat belts ensure that your precious babies stay Comfortable and securely inside the pram at all times.

It features a compartment located on the bottom of the pram enabling you to store all of your child's items including toys, baby bottle, dummies, and/or nappies! Everything is within arms reach! And that's not all, there are rear pouch compartments (2x) and a parent tray with 2 cup holders and a secure box to hold your keys, phones or whatever you like!

TOPICS:   Mums and Kids


  • sandgroper Swivel Front Wheel 1-Handed Folding System Removable Parent Tray with Two Cup Holders Removable Snack Tray with Cup Holder Safety-strap with Quick Release Buckle Adjustable Canopy with Window and Cover 4 position Adjustable Reclinable seat back Second Safety Lock System Rear Shock Absorbing Wheels 12" Ball Bearing Wheel Assemblies with Pneumatic Tyre
  • nod
    Quite a funky little jogger :) Thanks Tikem
  • sandgroper
    Amost made me broody ;)
  • nod
    LOL mmmmm that is a worry. Do you think people would think me odd if I bought one and put my dog in it? She is getting a bit old and slow and can't walk too far these days. I could even take her out running in it!
  • Emma EDITOR
    It would be ok Nod, if you dressed the dog up in baby clothes, people would just think "that baby's a tad on the hairy side... "
  • sandgroper
    Or "what an ugly baby" !
  • nod
    :D ok ok ... maybe not then

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