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16 November 2010

Saw this on Today Tonight the other night, so went to check it out - and it's great!!

Adelaide Baby Bargains is an Adelaide based secondhand sale site online.

They do not charge listing fees, or sales commission.. you list your item and then people email you and you sell them. (I think you can pay 99c to get a special listing on the front page - but you don't need to as their search is pretty good)

Some sellers will post items (and you can always ask), so still worth checking out if you are from interstate.

It is a great idea, and so far, it seems like just Mums selling their old baby and kids stuff - hasn't been hit by the e-business yet.

Worth having a look at the site - you only have to register if you want to buy or sell something.

My problem is that I've already sold two items worth $30, but keep finding things I want to buy too!!

They also have a "wanted" section, so if you are looking for something special, you can put up a message and people will contact you.

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