NEW Paw Patrol 6V Mini Quad $69 @ Kmart

12 October 2017
NEW Paw Patrol 6V Mini Quad $69

This is one groovy little Paw ride-on, that's for sure! It's new to Kmart, and at just $69, it's a cracking deal on an electric quad that will provide the perfect transportation for all those missions!

The wide wheel base on this quad makes it a good choice for younger tots; it's low to the ground, has easy-hold handlebars for steering, and it features some fabulous, full-colour graphics.

This quad has a six-volt rechargeable battery and comes with the charger. Six-volt vehicles tend to travel at around three to four kilometres per hours, nothing too crazy, but fast enough to thrill little Patrollers to bits.

Electric cars usually sell at around or above the $100 mark, so this is an excellent buy - and it's PAW!

I think there could be a few of these under Christmas trees this year!

Standard shipping is $10, or use Click & Collect for $3.

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  • Acacia B.

    can u imagine him on this lol :scream::see_no_evil:

  • Kylie P.

    Omg very cool but imagine the bumps on his head from that as he would definitely fall off lol

  • Robert E.

    She had enough trouble riding the dog

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