NEW Fingerlings $20 @ Kmart

24 August 2017
NEW Fingerlings $20 @ Kmart

Edit: out of stock. There's a slight delay on the Kmart website with updating the status to "unavailable." Stay tuned, we'll let you know when more Fingerlings arrive.

Have you seen these cheeky little monkeys? Fingerlings have been dubbed a seriously HOT toy for 2017, and once you've seen a video of them in action, you'll quickly see why. After already selling out once at Kmart, they've just returned to shelves, and you can buy them for $20 each: a brilliant price for this year's must-have gadget pet.

Fingerlings are baby monkeys that cling to objects and react to sound, motion and touch through their sensors. They are just under 14 centimetres tall; they can blink, make monkey-like chirps, swivel their heads, hang from their tails - and they fart. That's right, these are farting, animatronic monkeys.

Interactive Fingerlings come in six different colours and each monkey has its own name. It's important to note that they are chosen at random when you order online at Kmart, as with most collectibles.

Like the Hatchimals of 2016, Fingerlings could be very hard to get your hands on come Christmas time!

My advice? Grab them NOW!

Standard shipping is $10, or use Click & Collect for $3.

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  • Michelle P.

    I cant find them been looking for ages mads would love them

  • Us A.

    Ooooooo love them! look!

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