Myer - VTech childrens 'laptops' on massive discount!

25 June 2009

We've been wanting to get our daughter one of these little laptop type toys for a while now, but at $69-$119 they were just too expensive. Myer is now selling them for $39-$59 dollars (about half price) on sale starting today! We finally got her one, and she's 'working' alongside us rather than with us :)

Five models to choose from including Cars and Dora.

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  • melscott28
    I bought one for my oldest son about 3 years ago and he never played with it but now his 2 yr old brother has found it and loves it. Not learning much from it when it gets dragged down the hallway by the mouse cord but still having fun.
  • blondieo
    Really great price spodosaurus!

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