MYER Fisher Price Brilliant Chatter Phone $6.48 with FREE Shipping

21 October 2011

Just ordered one from myer earlier. Really good value considering other online stores selling it for $12-$16. Can't go wrong as it comes with free shipping!

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  • admin EDITOR
    Free shipping makes it a good buy I agree.
  • queenshrew
    The Myer site keeps lagging out for me :( It's not just this link, but their whole shop! Wonder whether it's me or their online shop. Doesn't work on chrome either... Hope it's not me :p
  • femme17
    The website is back to normal now :)
  • femme17
  • golfwidow
    TFS! My niece is going to be one very spoilt girl this chrissy :)
  • golfwidow
    Got a phonecall that they can't fulfill my order :(
  • femme17
    so sorry golfwidow... Just checked the website again and the item is still available though. What's their reason for not able to fulfill your order?

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