Marks and Spencer Single Knickers at 76¢ per piece + free postage to Australia

4 May 2013

Marks and Spencer has a great sale on low rise shorts for as low as 76¢ per piece. You can also get 4 for $8 in other prints. And of course, it’s free postage to Australia.

Note: Check the Size Guide for a perfect fit.

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D awesome.... its got to cost more than 76c to send a pair to oz. Hot deal.
  • Londoner
    In days gone by M&S were renowned for their underwear but I'm not so sure the quality is still there with some of their products as they've brought out ranges which are competitively priced to compete with the likes of cheaper retailers. My partner opts for the M&S Per Una range as she says they are more comfortable but for the stated 76c/piece delivered I don't suppose one can really complain.
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