Little Shoes (Leather Baby Shoes) 3 for $60

16 January 2009

Only for the next 14hrs, get 3 prs of leather baby shoes for only $60 - I just wish my baby was smaller! Not sure on the postage, but I'm sure this is a cheap way to get some very cute little shoes!

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  • lilpretzel
    Cute Shoes! Shipping Costs [LIST] [*]$5 Shipping ANYWHERE in Australia (4-6 days). This is the lowest rate of any online store in Australia. [*]$10 Express Post Shipping (1-3 days) to all Australia Post Express Post locations. [*]$15 International Shipping ANYWHERE in the World. This is the lowest rate of any online store in Australia.[/LIST]
  • barbee
    Thanks lilpretzel!
  • golfwidow
    So cute! 3hrs and 55 mins left :)
  • queenshrew
    It says 12 hrs 58 mins left for me ;) I just left the page hehe They must have extended the offer? They are sooo adorable. My little girl grew up on shoes like these.. For those interested in BIGGER sizes, there's a Canadian shop on eBay called ]Shoeszoo that sells these up to 5T (for 5 year olds!!!) I loove them! My little girl's now 2 and a half and she wear size 3T ones :) She has HUUUUGE feet for her age hehe They don't stock bigger sizes in Australia in this style (leather, soft sole shoes) sadly... I know as I searched high and low. These shoes are great to wear around the house, and they stay on! Australian sellers only stock for up to 24 months size. Thus this eBay Shop find was a treasure to me and I was happy to pay premium prices due to our fallen dollar! They used to work out to around $12 per pair, but now they work out to around AU$20 a pair (for larger sizes) delivered if you buy 3 :) She charges same price for postage for 1 pair, 2 pairs or 3 pairs. I bought 3 pairs so I could save on postage hehe.
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - I'm getting the same queenie except it showing 14 hours something. Not sure whether to unexpire this deal or not.
  • golfwidow
    Mine says 3 hours. Its still going so I would say unexpire it :)

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