Kmart - Kids Play Gigantic Craft Tub $19.95

6 April 2008

Just in time for the holidays for most states or for the colder winter months to keep the kids happy or even for teachers to add to their supplies, Kmart has a Kids Play Gigantic Craft Tub Activity Box for $19.95 - save $20.

Full of the usual craft things - glue, pom poms, pipe cleaners, shapes, glitter, etc.

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  • geo78
    for more toys, check out the target catalogue on sale from April 10.
  • Keeys
    These art packs make great gifts for xmas etc Xmas is good because kids are so boared with such long holidays. My boys got one each about 5yrs ago from my aunt. Each year since then shes bought items to help restock it. So they always have a supply of feathers, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, colourd card and paper, glitter, pom poms etc etc These have come in handy for school projects and bordom busters. At almost 9 and 12 they still drag them out and make stuff. Its been one of the best gifts and I know its made it easy for my aunt to buy gifts cause she just buys a pack of this and that through the year when she sees it and then gives them a huge pile off stuff for xmas. The boys love it because they always know what there getting but don't know because it varies each time. Last time their pack included 1000 paddle pop stick and 5000 coloured match sticks and wood clue we have had amazing things built ;) Ayway highly recomended for boy or girl from maybe 3-teen.
  • photographyisart
    wow this is a great price and looks great in the catalog would be a great buy for my guide group
  • lisss
    Yes i agree it looks good. Hopefully it wont be too small in real life but at 50% off I doubt it will be. Thanks for posting.
  • Keeys
    My mum picked up one for master 1 for xmas he'll be 2 by then and can use as a useful box for craft :) Thanks for posting I wouldn't have seen it as we don't get junk mail :)

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