Kids Tractor $29.95 at Soldsmart

22 December 2006

The price of these ride-on toys just keeps dropping. But not sure they could afford to drop it anymore!
$29.95 for this is a fantastic price with $8 delivery Sydney and $11 central Perth. So around $40 delivered
I know that my nephew would adore this!

Buckscoop also offer 2.5% cashback with Soldsmart

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  • wheadle
    I wish this had been around before Christmas. I wonder how sturdy this is. My son plays pretty hard. Might have to get one for his birthday and check the quality. Can anyone help, I mean have they bought a toy like this from soldsmart before.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D he's a boy wheadle - of course he'll break it. I have no experience with Soldsmart myself but I'd take the build quality of its non branded stuff with a healthy cynicism and would suspect its low end. But then if your expecting it to be that way then no problem.

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