KIDS CENTRAL - B2GOF "That's Not My..." books - gorgeous!

3 March 2008

Suitable for kids from babies to pre-readers. We love these books, which have repeating sentences, tactile patches, and point out the differences and similarities between objects.

From the site:
"Even the littlest kids will delight in the various touchy-feely patches in this colorful board book.
Provides simple reading for older kids also.
MARCH toy specials
Order 3 books from the That's Not My... series and only pay for 2."

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  • ScarletRubies
  • MamaK
    my kids love these books and I have to admit that I do too! :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - fair enough.....!
  • Keeys
    We also have some of these and Master 1 loves them. They were highly recomended by OT and other theripists he sees.

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