Itti Bitti Australia - Assorted Discounted Nappy Stock for 6th Birthday Celebrations

To celebrate their 6th birthday Itti Bitti have a range of discounts on their range. Main products are fitted cloth nappies.

From their email:
"25% off all value packs (please see conditions below)
40% off all changemats
30% off all bitti boo's (single nappies only, no value packs available)
20% off all Rockin' Green
50% off all blankee's
20% off accessories
20% off trial packs, including the tutto essentials pack
35% off breast pads - just $4.11 per set!
PLUS random discounts on all other items of between 10 and 40% off!

CONDITIONS RE VALUE PACKS: Please note, for the sale, there will be two value pack options available - a prints only and a 'normal' value pack. Due to some bad timing on our shipments and continued increasing bitti tutto popularity, we are quite low on a few of the plain colours, so all 'normal' value packs - where you can choose any colour or print from this sale, will be on a 6-8 week PRE-ORDER basis. It may be less than that, but we would rather give you the worst case scenario and a nice surprise :) If you have a pre-order pack included in your order your ENTIRE order will be sent once the pack is available.

Because we know people love to get fluffy mail straight away, we have created a second value pack option, which is a prints only value pack, as we have good stock levels of prints. You will only be able to choose from the range of 9 limited edition prints and as a bonus for this limited selection for every six nappies, you'll get one FREE, so with a six pack, 1 x FREE nappy, with a 12 pack 2 x FREE nappies etc etc. You don't need to do anything, we will simply include your extra FREE nappy(ies) with your order."

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