Gear4Baby - Free pair of 'Baby Legs' with every Ergo Baby Carrier + Free Shipping

21 November 2007


(Baby legs are legwarmers for babies/toddlers. One size fits all - lots of cute designs).

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  • ScarletRubies
    I'll give you a hot - I don't care much for Baby Legs myself (for my kids!) as I've said before, because I am in the tropics, but I highly recommend the Ergo, or other similar soft structured baby carriers. I use the Ergo, but also like the Patapum and Kozy carrier... check out [url][/url] or the google group "Baby Carriers Downunder"
  • lilpretzel
    FREE DELIVERY via regular Australia Post for every order over $70.00* * BUY $70 AUD of baby gear in any one transaction and we'll post your order TOTALLY FREE within Australia. ALL Oi Oi & Storksac Nappy Bags, The Ergo Baby Carriers, Peanut Shell Baby Slings and selected VALUE PACKS SHIPPED FREE!
  • larabelle
    I've found the baby legs to be great when taking bub to shopping centres with air conditioning. I have her in a baby carrier with her legs hanging out, and I can just slip them on or off as she needs it.
  • nod
    Hi larabelle, Welcome to Buckscoop Great to see you posting up some deals for us all :)
  • nod
    IS the price of the Ergo carrier good at Gear4baby?
  • Smarmie
    Not sure about the carrier bag, but their prices for Oi Oi bags are good, especially with the free postage. And the bags are gorgeous!! :)
  • nod
    Do you mean the whole range of Oi Oi bags Smarmie? I like this one It is $169.45 though :eek:
  • ScarletRubies
    IS the price of the Ergo carrier good at Gear4baby?
    I have heard that no retailer is supposed to reduce them in price by more than 10% (some distribution agreement, certainly enforced in the US). Instead, retailers use "value added" deals to entice customers - so, free baby legs (same Aussie distributor), free shipping is also very common. The cheapest new Ergo's I have ever seen are currently on sale at Nurture Nappies. They are selling for the same sort of price you can get second hand on ebay. I bought my original Ergo for $150 inc postage and $30 of extra freebie products, and because I wanted a different colour, I bought a second one to dye etc - sold the original one for $120 to a friend (would have got $130-ish on Ebay).

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