Free postage at Rosie Pose (kids gear) until 30th September PLUS sale items & bonus 15% off

6 October 2007

Just got this via email and thought it might be of value to someone. If you spend over $50 at Rosie Pose before the 30th Sept you will receive free shipping.

But then I had a look around the site and I have seen that there are quite a few well priced items in the clearance bin. And even better, you can use the code 'VIP' to receive a further 15% ff your order.
So all in all this is a pretty good deal

up to 50% sale items
an extra 15% off storewide
and free delivery if you spend over $50

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  • Michelle2154
    I got this email also, the thing is it says our new store its been around for ages and its free postage till 30Sept, its now October, and they have always had free postage no minimum to spend. So wonder if they have sent out an old newsletter? Im a bit confused. Michelle2154
  • nod
    :o I am living in the past. I could have sworn it was still September :D ooooooppsss I have had a look at the postage is actually $6.50 so not too expensive and if take advantage of the sale and codes, paying the shipping fees is reasonable Sorry about the confusion Michelle2154 and thanks for poiting that out :)
  • MamaK
    yesterday it said free postage:eek: i was looking at their metal drink bottles. don't think I'll bother for $6.50 post though. a lot of their clearance things are out of stock too
  • Michelle2154
    MamaK, yes your right they have put the postage to $6.50 when it used be free anyway still a pretty good site. If your after a metal drink bottle try [url][/url] in there sale section they have some bottles for $5. Michelle2154
  • MamaK
    Thanks Michelle :D
  • Keeys
    wow those drink bottles are $5 or 3 for $10!!
  • nod They are pretty cute and a bargain for 3 600ml bottles for $10
  • nod
    They seem to be light on detail about shipping prices though. Anyone shopped at Alex and Charli and can give us an idea about delivery fees?
  • MamaK
    I'ved emailed them- its $10 postage for the 3 bottles
  • nod
    So $20 for 3 bottled delivered - $6.70 each Thanks MamaK
  • fairybelle
    those bottles are sooo cute... i love them... would i look weird taking one of those to the office?

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